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[1.3.X -> 1.6.X] Other_Worlds Star Pack Reboot | Redoing the whole system again!

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Works flawlessly and fast on Kopernicus 1.9.1-1, EVE+Scatterer+FlareReplacer, only barycenter = true in Prima.cfg needs to be commented out because of deprecation.

Your planets look astonishing even without new material shader, which is now buggy, so thank you for your work!

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3 hours ago, JadeOfMaar said:

@Maple Kerman Planet packs generally only contain the visual configs and textures for themselves and only require EVE to be installed separately. So they are unlikely to mess with the visuals for the stock planets (except if they are system replacers). Install everything and find out.

Oh, alright, that makes sense. I was just asking because I was told on another planet pack thread (Galaxies Unbound: Nova Kirbani) that even stock-only visual mods conflicted with their own configs, so I wanted to know if the same would happen here.

I'll make sure to install the mods and try it out for myself.

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@Maple Kerman Due to GU's unique size and its own complexities because of how ambitious it is (and maybe it packs its own visuals for the stock planets, which is possible), GU itself is found to be incompatible with whatever. That doesn't automatically mean every other planet pack will have such an issue. Treat GU as the exception, not the rule, but still be careful since you're piling on planet mods.

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