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My massive game plans.

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So i have a rather complex plan for my current save. One i am executing right now.  So here is how it goes

Chapter one: recon

Phase one: orbital recon.

This phase begins with sending a survey satellite. That scans the surface and finds flat areas with ore. 

Phase two: unmanned recon

In this part a unmanned probe is sent to the surface to search the pre marked landing zones of interest. It hops from place to place until a suitable LZ is found.

Phase three: manned recon

With this a few (or one) kerbals  are sent to the surface to search out the landing zone and study it first hand. Paving the way for chapter two

Chapter two: colony

Phase four: Colony building

This is the point where the colony takes shape. With segmented parts being sent to the surface for the colony. When this is done the long term stays can start. And scientific advances can begin.

Phase five: Base expansion

Now rovers are sent to the colony. (as well as more segments) Allowing for long term off base stints.

Phase six: Harvest

With all that done the true ends of this mission can begin: Mining! Rovers with drills are sent down to the surface to begin harvesting ore. And the base continues to grow.

Chapter three: Furthering ends.

Phase seven: More expansion.

The base continues to expand! With more and more segments being added. (I have plans to use KAS and KIS to build landing lights to create a designated landing zone off to the side.)

Phase eight: Station building.

A station is built to help with the transition of resources too and from the mun. 3 taxis are built and sent up: The heavy taxi for base segments and rovers to and from the surface. The light taxi for kerbals and KIS based cargo. And the ore taxi for ores that have been mined from the surface. All of these resources (KIS based cargo,Kerbals,base segments ect) are stored on the station until a Kerbin/Mun ferry takes them back to Kerbin. Ore is sent back to kerbin from the ferry either by SSTO or "Care package station" That uses cargo capsules for direct resource return.

Phase nine: Further colonies

The new station can then be used to support colonies on minimus and beyond. Not only that but this entire process can be repeated over and over on many other planets! Soon the United Kerbal States will be supplying Kerbin with a steady line of ore that can be used to get funds for further Colony expansion and more scientific discovery's. All of this could pave the way for civilian colonies. The future is endless!


So thats my manifesto. I have phase one done. Now waiting for Jeb to get back from the voyager mission to estate phase 2. This has to be my most complex KSP plan yet! Now for a list of mods i plan to use.






blue dog design

planetary base systems.

OPT aero

And a few others.

I might as well update this thread with pictures and all. If anyone wants to see that. Well i hope someone enjoyed this long story. Till next time. Fly safe.

(P.S If you have any Ship files or mods you know about that would be good for base building. I would love to hear about them. Ill go for anything that helps.:D)


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I do like it when someone puts thought and planning into their missions. Moved to Mission Reports for the correct audience. Hope it goes well for you! 

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Got some progress to show!


So heres the lift system for the survey satellite. a cross between the large stock parts but with the sarnus type parts from the blue dog design mod for the size converter main stage fuel tank and engines/engine fairings.


And heres the satellite being deployed.


And heres the follow up ground probe!


And heres where she touched down.

Thats all i have to show. As soon as Jeb gets back from the voyager 1 mission i can start the manned phase of the program. Till next time. Fly safe!


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And thus the manned phase begins!

Here we see the start of operation Kane. (named after the capsule that was used) Bill and Bob can be seen boarding


And here is the landing. The design i made was abit of a risk as the landing gear on the rocket barely goes past the engine nozzle.


But it worked.


I got Jeb out to do the honors. As most KSP players do.:)


I got the entire original 3 (Who else would i chose for the first Mun mission?) out for a nice picture of the flag.



Heres the probe from my earlier post. I found a pretty good area for the colony with it. Mainly flat so the chances of a cheeky segment sliding away should be low.:wink:


After getting the Original three setup i delivered them this: The HLV-5A. "Porpoise" Is a unit i got off of Kerbal X. It will be used to house the Original 3. While they oversee the delivery and assembly of the colony. After most of the base is assembled. It will be converted into fuel storage for the incoming and outgoing ships. It could also double as a extra living area for four Kerbals encase the actual base gets more crew than it needs.


And heres the mesely first stage of the colony all together.


With Phase 3 over i can set my sights on to phase 4. This is where the colony really begins. :) But till next time. Fly safe!




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Okay so i got 2 pictures.

I got the first segment down! My kerbals will be spending the night in a much more comfortable unit.


And heres a view of the temporary housing from the main segment.


Now quick note i am gonna be slowing posting of pictures now because taking pictures of everything is getting really exhausting so....The next update will most likely come when the base is mainly completed. So that's that. This is abit shorter than normal but i just wanted to explain the slow down in updates. So fly safe and all that stuff....till next time. ;)

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Nice!  Well done pics and mission. A very enjoyable read!  Keep it up!!!

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Its done!

Here is the base in its glory. (Well most of it. Im not done here yet:wink:)


Here we see the first segment after delivery. This modular unit has a storage part,With 2 ore storage parts and a exparament to ship part for connections from the base to the SEP mod exparaments on the surface nearby.


And heres the delivery of the greenhouse. Where food is grown for the base.


And here was the delivery of the lab segment.


After the 3 segments were delivered i needed to bring  the base up to its max of 6 kerbals. With 3 kerbals already on site. I just threw in 3 more!


I got this picture during the launch.


The landing.


I got the original 3 out to greet the new arrivals.


And then i put them to work unfolding the base. And getting the SEP mod gear deployed. (Seeing how useless the pilots are at using KIS i just put them aside to talk:))


Then i got the segments deployed.


After all that the base is finally done! The Kerbals can now relax.


The scientists can do their work.


And the engineers can grow food for the base.


So that's all the developments i did today. But development still isnt over. Now i must turn my sights to delivering rovers and more housing for more crew. Then i can begin to recon for nearby locations that would be good for mining operations. One last thing, i have no clue what to name the base. Ill be taking suggestions that are added to the thread. As well as mod/ship download suggestions that could help with surface colonization. So if you have any good name ideas just post here. :) Till next time! Fly safe.







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I got a small post right now. Because the first rover has arrived!




And arrival.  I don't know about you but Bill looks happy with his new toy.:)


Thats this days delivery of pictures. Enjoy and fly safe!

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