P-101b Boomerang - Personal Flying Wing

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P-101 Boomerang
Stock KSP 1.3 Personal Flying Wing

Download Craft File @ KerbalX!

Inspired by early flying wings such as the Gotha Go229, the P-101 brings back the pioneering spirit with its radical, yet simple flying wing design. Featuring just 22 parts, the pint-sized Boomerang is powered by two Size 0 turbojets making it one of the simplest aircraft capable of controlled flight at subsonic speeds.




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@esinohio made some beautiful renders! 



Thanks very much for these!

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A (slightly) larger flying wing, now with two seats and rudder control! 

P202 Micro Flying Wing

The P202 is a low cost high performance flying wing designed for flight training and light survey purposes. Its unique open-cockpit design allows pilot to enjoy fresh air when safety is not No. 1 priority. It has a modest top speed but high service ceiling of 12,000m.



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