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There is a Zombie apocalypse. You only have the last thing you googled to protect you. How do you fare?

Ultimate Steve

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The last thing I googled ? Yikes, it's been ages. Probably an interrupt code for some realt time c++ programming.

The last thing I searched on internet, is the list of Paris Mayor. So I guess I have control over Paris somehow and I can use it to fight against zombies. I'm OK I guess :)

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"flywheel bus"

Hmmmm... I don't like my odds even though I'm way better off than most of you. I hope it's a bus that has decent range so it can at least escape the zombies' tracking range without recharging. Maybe I can start finding stuff to armor plate the bus so windows are less vulnerable, make it more liveable, and spin it up with something bus-portable. Also obviously it needs a ball turret on top but that can wait.

On 10/12/2020 at 8:58 PM, catloaf said:

Rc piper cub. I don't know, do the zombies like rc planes?

Maybe not, but if it's got cameras and you have a way to charge it, you can use it as a loud distraction and/or a way to scout without risking zombie attack. I think that's a pretty serious advantage. I don't think I'd trade my flywheel bus for it but still, the easiest zombie to beat is the one you never have to fight.

On 2/20/2020 at 9:34 AM, 53miner53 said:

Strong Magnets. 

Sounds bad until you realize the goal of me using these magnets is to be able to make maglev shoes, so they might be strong enough to do some damage. Barely

If they're strong enough to lift a person you might be able to scale buildings with them.

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On 3/20/2020 at 9:35 AM, HansonKerman said:

Pokémon White 2 price, but the webpage glitches and said “$9,999”. WHAT.





You have $9,999 in mostly $20 bills which you "earned" due a software glitch. Unfortunately the world financial system collapsed and the only remaining economies where money holds any value are New Zealand, Hawaii (except for Honolulu which has collapsed due to zombies), Madagascar, North Korea, Iceland, the Falklands, Cuba, McMurdo Station, and Florida (where the survivors have begun trading with the zombies, who value money as undead exactly as much as in life there).

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