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There is a Zombie apocalypse. You only have the last thing you googled to protect you. How do you fare?

Ultimate Steve

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If gather everything I had to google about the Java language (color intended) just to use some 3rd party API for Android, this would collapse into a black hole which would attract and swallow all zombies, creepers, and Gargantua.

Probably, it actually happened, as yesterday it finally started working.

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⁶My last search is...

Belyrade Nikola Tesla Airport

Airliners have no keys, ATC went UNICOM. Time to get a Qatar 777-200LR, refuel, start & get the plane up in the air before the zombies fill up the runway-

Wait, Qatar Airways must've flown their 777-200LR somewhere really far, not Doha-Serbia, right? Well, wish me luck getting an A350-900 there.

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I last searched for google translate, for the chinese forum post of SQUAD (the account) to know what it meant

it's (to my knowledge) the release or the announcement of an chinese ksp edition or something

well, that's not gonna help me

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I'm not doing well... :D I Googled a sentence from a student's paper and discovered they plagiarized a website - even left the embedded URLs in place... 

On 12/21/2020 at 9:34 AM, GeorgT85 said:

I searched for new Train Simulator locomotives, so I can drive away from the zombies :D

May I suggest this website: https://www.railserve.com/

They have downloadable content for Train Simulator, Microsoft Train Simulator, and other railroad games...

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