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JAXA (& other Japanese) Launch and Discussion Thread


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3 hours ago, Minmus Taster said:

It's over, RIP OMOTENASHI ;.;

It was a good flight, crew did a great job trying to save the probe, best of luck to they're next lander in a year or two.

Not yet. They are still working on reviving it so they can use the instruments aboard to study deep space.

It can still fulfill some of its intended technical demonstration role without landing on the Moon too.

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2 hours ago, Minmus Taster said:

Oh wow, I didn't know that had another attempt this year! good luck to JAXA on getting this one right :)

ispace is actually a private company with no relation to JAXA. They do commercial stuff in LEO too, and are conducting space debris removal experiments.

JAXA has been talking up their SLIM lander (a different mission launching in the future) for so long I didn’t realize this project existed.

According to Wikipedia it is carrying a rover from the UAE!

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Scratch that, I confused ispace with Axelspace for the LEO stuff. ispace also is not involved in LEO debris removal either, I’ll need to go back to the show I was watching and find out who that was.

Their website- https://ispace-inc.com/

Instead, ispace is like SpaceX but with the Moon.

Their goal is 1000 people living on the Moon by 2040, not unlike Musk’s initial lofty goals of cargo Starship on Mars in 2022 and people on Mars in 2024.

They don’t plan to build their own rocket and presumably will leverage SpaceX’s capabilities, as they are the only ones really working on a near term commercial human lunar lander (I would assume Starship HLS will eventually be available for order much in the same way Crew Dragon now is).

ispace inc. is not to be confused with i-Space, a Chinese company building the Hyperbola series of small sat launchers. As a sign of how disconnected the Chinese and Japanese aerospace worlds are, ispace received its name in 2013 (it was founded in 2010 as White Label Space), which means i-Space chose their name upon their founding in 2016 with no knowledge of their Japanese companion. Perhaps some day an ispace lunar lander can be launched on an i-Space rocket!

The founders of ispace got their start in the Google Lunar X Prize as part of the Europe-based White Label Space team. The company was renamed to ispace when the European portion of the team ceased participation in the project.

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The name of Japan’s de facto air force, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (航空自衛隊, kōkūjieitai), will be changed to Japan Air and Space Self-Defense Force (航空宇宙自衛隊, kōkū-uchū-jieitai) in 2023.

The JASDF formed its Space Operations Squadron in 2020. It has a space surveillance radar that is supposed to either be built or already exists in Yamaguchi Prefecture, and will conduct space domain awareness operations. It will work closely with the USSF and JAXA. Their own satellite (and thus Japan’s first military satellite) will be launched around 2026.

Because Japan can’t legally have a military after World War II, it instead has the Self-Defense Forces, which in legal terms makes it like a glorified police force and thus ok under the constitution.

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To demonstrate its commitment to the long-term sustainability of space operations, JAXA has established the ''JAXA Sustainable Space Policy" as follows. d Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. However, by the end of June 2022, both the satellite's installed data recorders stopped operating. Due to lack of sufficient observation data, it was decided to terminate observation operations on November 28, 2022, and stop the operation of the spacecraft and radio wave transmission. The results of the mission will be summarized by the end of March next year.

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