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Updating old .90 CFG mod for 1.3?


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After quite some time away from KSP, I'm wanting to get back to it with 1.3. I did dabble some with 1.x.x but never got around to updating the ReStock CFGs for later than .90.

Here's a link to the last version http://partsbyemc.com/pub/ReStock90.zip

What needs to be added to the CFG files to make them 1.3 ready? The biggest pain was SQUAD changing file paths every release, along with fiddling with node locations on a few parts, which required twiddling the numbers in ReStock CFGs that used those parts.

What'd really be nice is for someone with a lot more knowledge of the inner workings of KSP to take over maintenance of ReStock. No coding or compiler etc required, just information and a text editor. :)

What is ReStock? It's a pack of CFG files that references stock KSP parts and creates new parts by making changes to their size, often not scaling all dimensions the same. It also has parts combined from several stock parts, like the surface mounted 5-way RSC thruster and two sizes of liquid fuel drop tanks. ReStock 90 added even larger parts to fit with the Kerbodyne parts. The ThunderMaximus parts are HUGE, including a modifed version of the single to quad adapter which can mount up to nine engines in two sizes. That one is more than a simple resize. Extra nodes had to be added and their positions adjusted to make the engines fit properly. Unlike other parts packs or mods like TweakScale, ReStock only uses a bit over 100 kilobytes.

Many parts were added since I adopted ReStock from its originator, PolecatEZ. You can see some of them in use in my old mission to Eve, done back before nosecones actually reduced drag.


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Here's the older release containing some parts I deprecated due to there getting to be very similar ones (like the 'space pants' bi-coupler) in the official KSP or due to things getting broken which I couldn't figure out how to fix, and just because I wasn't into the aircraft side of things much. :) Do note that most, if not all, of the file paths are incorrect due to Squad moving things around.


The original release thread by PolecatEZ


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Making structural only (with fuel crossfeed) versions of all the jet fuel airplane fuselage and adapter parts, and jet fuel only and structural only versions of the various spaceplane fuselage and adapter parts would by itself be a huge help in building lighter vehicles.

Without the tanks, the structural only parts should be considerably lighter. Remove the oxidizer tanks from the rocket parts to make them lighter, or keep the dry mass the same but increase the liquid fuel capacity by as much volume as the oxidizer used. I have a plane with a fuselage made from two MK2 bi-couplers and two standard length MK2 to 1.25M adapters. It's seriously overweight, even with all the tanks dry except for the fuel in the two adapters.

The Structural Fuselage only comes in 1.25M Small size. It should at least be available in Tiny, Large and Extra Large diameters. ThunderMax and ThunderMaximus, yeah, why not?

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Going by the MK1 fuel tank fuselage VS MK1 structural fuselage. For structural parts converted from LF/O tanks should be around 36.5% cost reduction. Dry mass for the fuel tank is .25 while the structural fuselage is only .1, an 85.7% difference.

That's crazy talk! The idea is these are rocket tanks converted to empty shells, so they'd overall be much beefier parts. How about 40% weight reduction from removing the internal tanks?

Making a notes file...

For new cost, multiply original fuel tank price by 36.5% or .365 Round up to next whole number.

For new weight, multiply original fuel tank mass by 40% or .4 Round to three digits after decimal.

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