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Any plans for a Cthulhu reference?


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snip couldnt quote properly

Maybe the whole purpose of KSP is Elder God worship, they are sacrificing their dumbest kin to the gods!


We will continue chanting Cthulu untill he himself rises from the oceans to force the devs to include him into KSP!


No game is complete without a Cthulu ripoff or reference!!!

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How does one pronounce CTHULU?

Its technically unpronounceable by human beings.

By i make a hissing H sound like a c or a s, like hhchh(s)tulu

Americans pronounce it "Katulu", a librarian i asked once, pronounced it as "kootulu"

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The entire population of kerbin(which seems to live underground) is pouring ALL of their money into a space program. I am pretty sure they must be atheists

Who knows maybe they think the only way to reach enlightenment is to blast themselves on highly unstable rockets into the great unknown of space. And Maybe Jeb is the high priest of this religion since he loves boosters which push you farther into the unknown and makes it more unstable.

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Why is it random?

Cthulhu and his race are aliens.

Or...at least something of that nature, aliens and extra-dimensional beings.

And no one complains about the 2001 nod.

Because it's actually clever.


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Cthulhu does not dwell in space. If you read "The Call of Cthulhu", you learn that the city of R'lyeh (where Cthulhu sleeps) is located somewhere in the bottom of the South Pacific.

Being that Kerbin does not have a South Pacific, there isn't any way to reasonably work the Cthulhu mythos into KSP. Nor is there any reason, as Cthulhu was killed by a boat not a rocket.

Just between you and me, H.P. Lovecraft made some pretty surreal books, but they aren't very good writing.

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Cthulhu does not dwell in space.
The old ones came from beyond the stars.
as Cthulhu was killed
Would that it were that easy. "That is not dead which can eternal lie." He's been dead before, and he'll be dead again.

The proper pronunciation of his name is anyone's guess, but HP did sometimes spell it Kthulu.

Point? I have no point to make.

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