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Hide from sick!


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And welcome to another forum "game"!

So yeah, kinda, sort of, something, somehow YOU are playing hide and seek in a house.

You are the one who is hiding.

So yeah, hide somewhere.

(captain obvious at his finest)

"Rules and bla bla bla"

1. Hide inside the house 

2. No, no flying away in Saturn V to the moon, sorry.

3. Get original, but not insane or crazy.

Like, hide in under the bed, inside the bathroom, or whatever, BUT(t) Not on another planet/dimension galaxy or something else goddamit.

4. House is sort of small, so try not to be in the same place with other dudes, if your place is already taken, KILL EVERYONE WITHOUT REMORSE BLUEGH  just find another one.

5. Every page on the forum-a floor in the house.

6. K bye

7. Don't ask who is seeking (actually nobody)

8. No "xit into N-dimensional space, the fourth dimension (?), technically i`m inside the house, able to be found but i`m curled with the dimension to make it almost impossible to see me, but i`m still there, hiding, and able to be found! And technically its possible, BUT VERY UNLIKELY, using the Quantum Teleportation Theory (?), there is is one in, like a trillion chance that I can teleport, so why not to a higher dimension, it has to have atoms, right, and If thats not enough, entanglement swapping (see link)... I think thats how it works , my atoms could swap with one in a higher dimension, so technically, I traveled there using the laws of physics, which is not crazy or preposterous (ok, kinda), but still! HA! PHYSICS!"


I go and hide in a shelf.

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6 hours ago, Just Jim said:

wait.... every page is a floor?  Could you be a little more specific?


As the ammount of replies mulitiplies, so does the amount of pages.

Now, we have only the first floor.

But when the amount of replies will be enough to create another page, we will have a second/third/4th.... floor

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