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The tunnan.


The Saab 29, called Flygande Tunnan (English The Flying Barrel) was a Swedish fighter designed and manufactured by Saab in the 1940’s. It was Sweden’s second turbojet-powered combat aircraft, the first being the Saab 21R; additonally, it was the first Western European fighter to be produced with swept wing after the war, the Me-262 being the first during WWII.
Despite its rotund appearance, from which its name derives, the Saab 29 was a fast and agile aircraft for its era. It served effectively in both fighter and fighter-bomber roles into the 1970’s


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On 20/09/2017 at 1:53 AM, He_162 said:

Well done Erasmus!

Thank you. I did one with the grey fairing bit hidden but it has an annoying jagged edge.wrDf8Xs.png

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