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Notantares Space Industries - "Bigger Khleb" Concept Poll


Bigger Khleb Concept Poll  

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  1. 1. Which Concept of the Bigger Khleb spacecraft would you prefer?

    • Concept 1.
    • Concept 1 (With rear docking port).
    • Concept 2.
    • Other (Please Specify).

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Notantares Space Industries - Poll


Now that I'm (Mostly) done with the "Big Khleb" parts, I'm beginning to think of other things to do. First on the list? @qzgy's "Bigger Khleb" suggestion.

"Wonder if you would make a "Bigger Khleb", by extending it for a crew cabin or something."

Essentially, something in the same vain as the Big Gemini "Big-G."

However, before I can even start modelling, I have a very important question to ask you all: Which variant of the "Bigger Khleb" do you prefer? So far, I have come up with two concepts:


I am opening a poll, so you can cast your votes. If you have other ideas, like, let's say, giving Concept 1 Concept 2's Service Module, please leave a comment.

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I'm guessing because most people looking through add-ons are less likely to click on something with a fully transliterated Russian name. By putting "Big" at the beginning, more people will understand that it's a larger version of something from the Russian or USSR's space programs, even if they don't know what "Khleb" means. Just a guess though, but if I were in his shoes, I would have done the same.

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2 hours ago, NISSKEPCSIM said:

Bolshoy also kind of sounds like "Bolshie," which is a British word for an uncooperative person.

You made English even more weird for me.

Actually, "Bolshoy Khleb" wouldn't make much sense either. Really Soviet-themed name would be "Khleb BIG" (as in "Soyuz TMA" ship, "DM" upper stage or "Soyuz-FG" rocket).

This one would be "Khleb BIG-R" then, R standing for "Rasshirenniy" (Extended).

If anything, this is not a demand, just me thinking aloud.

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38 minutes ago, Pand5461 said:


Don't you mean Russian-themed? "Big Soyuz" was a study in 2008 in making a larger version of the Soyuz capsule, which could hold 6 people, and land using conventional parachutes, and was fully expendable. Did you confuse it with the "Zarya" spacecraft, which was a top-secret Soviet project from the '80s, which was supposed to involve a larger version of a Soyuz capsule, capable of holding 8 crew, and made a powered landing, designed to be partially reusable? Zarya is often mistakenly referred to as "Big Soyuz," when it really isn't.

Oh man, and we're back to a tie, with 6 - 6 on the poll! 

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Soyuz 5 is also a new launcher but RKK Energiya hasn't come with a better name for whatever reason.

And now I looked into the main topic, "Big Khleb" is a nickname (may as well be what "Amerikans" call it), while the BK-50Y-Z is exactly what I said about crazy abbreviations.

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Mind me making a comment about those parts, especially about those panels?

Although they look very nice, I'm not a big fan of the really big scratches at the corners of the panels. Maybe tone it down a bit? Or make it less regular? Right now they are all relatively straight, where it would make sense to have some maybe curve a bit or something.

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