Andetch X-Series Jool Mission 1 (Stock)

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Welcome To The Andetch X-Series Jool Mission (Stock)

Classified Information Follows;


Pilots! Kerbin Needs You!

  • Mission to Jool using Andetch X-Series deployment probe. (40 points total available)                                         
  1. Primary Objective; Set up a system wide comms-net. (Total of 10 points available, scored on coverage and innovative ideas. Points awarded by forum comunnity)
  2. Secondary Objective; Visit as many of the system's celestial objects as possible, parking probes into the orbit. (Total of 10 points available, 2 per object - Jool Orbit does not score points)
  3. Tertiary Objective; Land on as many of the system's celestial objects as possible. (Total of 10 points available, 2 per landing)
  4. Bonus Objective - Jool Dive, because every kerbal wants to know whether there really is marshmallow inside! (5 points)
  5. Post your submission as directed! (5 points)

I know there are 101 missions to Jool, what with it being like a mini solar system right on the outskirts of Kerbol. This mission is my theoretical mission to start colonizing Jool; ultimately this will be a career mode launch. Establishing a network is my logical first step before sending crew/tourists. (I have played out the majority of this mission to test capabilities of the craft).

Points available are listed with the objectives. To get started download the craft from Kerbal-X here! (No accounted needed to download, but you should get an account - it is an awesome resource!)

Use the Andetch X-Series, some minor tweaking allowed to correct any design flaws that you may uncover. Quick saves are probably needed - We trust you will not cheat! Adding more probes is not allowed! 

  1. Take an image of the map screen with network showing.
  2. Take images of the vessel showing the celestial object you are orbiting in the background and then a map view screenshot to show the orbit.
  3. Take an image of the vessel landed on the celestial object.
  4. Take an image of the vessel deep within Jool's atmosphere.
  5. Put all the images in an album (imgur is what I use) and post like this; (One image full sized as a cover image - not including the album - for your submission is fine, we just do not want the post getting too long with loads of images!)


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