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Add-on for Satellite Contracts


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I am a bit bored with the basic "put a satellite here" contracts, and wanted to spice it up. I use Contract Configurator for Clever Sats but even still it hasn't quite scratched the itch.

I thought that being given a randomly generated satellite (sizes/parts/layout) and told where to place it might be a fun spin on the existing satellite contract model.

It could be displayed as a popup when entering the VAB (similar to the passenger UI when on the launch pad) where you would select the contract and it would insert the part for you to start attaching items to.

Alternatively, the contracts could specify satellite requirements themselves (similar to the space station check lists that already exist)

  • Must generate power
  • Must have x units of electricity
  • Must have x science experiments on board
  • Specific number of satellites per rocket (if even possible?)

Could also name specific parts to be installed on the satellite, but might be problematic with multiple part mods installed.

Does this exist as its own add-on or as an enhancement to an existing add-on?

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