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What is your favorite mods?


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Editor Extensions Redux and RCS Build Aid for the editor, as well as KER.

For parts mods the grid fins and landing legs from the Kerbal Reusability Expansion.

EVE and Scatterer for visuals, as well as Distant Object Enhancement and Planetshine.

And then of course the lovely RSS and SSRSS.

Thats about it. As soon as these mods are updated for each new KSP patch I consider my mod suit complete.

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There are many that I like, but my favorites are the ones that I consider most essential.  These are just basic utility mods that make the game easier to play, and probably should be part of the stock game.  For me these include:

  • Kerbal Engineer Redux
  • Kerbal Alarm Clock
  • Precise Node (or Precise Maneuver)
  • Transfer Window Planner

With just those four mods and stock KSP, I can have a lot of fun.  Take those away, however, and things become much less enjoyable.

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