Alpine Martian Mission (AMM) Hi ladies and gentlemen, today i will present you my proposed space mission. Note that i am not an engineer, scientist or an astronaut, i am regular human bean just like you. Also, i sure, know that nothing of what i mentioned will work, just want to know what exactly is the problem. The point of the thread is for you, to critisize and rethink the undone, unthought and incomplete parts of proposed mission, you also can admire a few things, if you want so. So lets begin! ---------------------Crewmember preparement----------------------------- Interesting and strangely enough, the crew won't have a single crew member who is scientist, directly. If not scientists then who?- 3 Alpinists and a single Pilot. Why? First of all, the landing site is a mountain, also the route that the crew has to complete, also goes through steep and rough terrain. Also, alpinists have a better physical and psychical appearence than most of the scientist. Why would you go to Mars, and not bring a scientist? All the experiments will be perfored by the crew, with the help of scientists back on earth, scientific data will be transmited. -----------------------Getting to Mars------------------------------------------ First we will send the unmanned lander to EO. The lander is presented here, it's name is "Aleph" (Alef), ("first" in schumer) (sorry for a little mistale) The rocket that will bring it all the way to EO is also there, its name is "Alpine-VI". But how do we get it to Mars?- Launch an inflatable fuel tank to randezvous the lander. It will be rufueled by the "Emerald-F" spacecraft, that will be launched multiple times. Here it is: Note that the "Emerald" spacecraft can be adapted for crew. After the lander have docked to the filled fuel tank, it will begin its journey to Mars. The next thing to be launched is the crew, so we'll have to repeat the previous actions. Except the Habitat will dock to the fuel tank first, then the Emerald fuel tank will dock to the Habitat. Then it will go for Mars. ---------------------------Getting to the surface and preparing to go back------------------------------------------ When the lander will arrive at Mars, it will correct its trajectory shortly aerobrake (just skimmiring the high layers of atmosphere), then proceeding to capture using engines. Then, the crew will arrive, after it will capture relying entirely on the engines, it will randezvous to the lander ship, after getting close in, most of the leftover fuel will be pumped into the main ship (emerald and habitat), to make it possible to return. Also, the crew performs an EVA and boards the lander. They will depart to the surface of Martian surface, more precisly-Olimpus Mons. The landing will be more of an Appolo styled one, due to little to no atmosphere up there. After landing, the crew will assemble the rover, it will be used to carry life support and scientific intruments. They will make 2 day hiking journey to the edge of the mountain, after that, 2 of 4 crew members will descent down using Alpine style (no stopping for long or large camps) 4 kilometers,taking 1 kilogram of samples there, then returning back to the 2 people left observing the suitation. After that, they will journey back to the lander, deploy the little dome and rest there 8 hours, last 2 hours spent in the dome will be time to conduct expirements . Then, the crew will deflate the dome, and board the lander, preparing to departure back to randezvous with the habitat in the martian lander. In a few hours, they will complete that task. -----------------------------------------------Getting back----------------------------------------------------------------- Crew will arrive back at earth in a few months, with a tiny amount of life support left, they will do powered capture, and then perform an entry burn. They will reenter with the fuel tank as a heatshield, decoupling it at the altitude of 60 000 meters, landing using parachutes in the shores of Ohotskoe sea (an asian sea, mostly Russian naval territory) They will soon get recouvered, returned back to the "Vostochniy" kosmodrome. The end. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Begin to roast me now, just make it painful. MAKE ME FEEL BAD ABOUT BEING SO STUPID MAKE ME CRY