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US-USSR Cooperative/Competitive Challenge- Join now! More players Needed!


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The goal of this challenge is to land a kerbal on the mun before the other team.  A user may only launch 2 missions.  Each user selects whether to launch for the US or USSR.  They must join whatever team is currently behind on missions.  If they are tied the players can choose.   The missions must be newly launched and in this order:

1. Orbital Satellite Done by both teams, USSR first

2. Suborbital Manned Spaceflight Done by both teams, USSR first

3. Orbital Manned Spaceflight Done by both teams, USSR first

4. Munar flyby probe Done by both teams, USSR first

5. Orbital Manned Spaceflight and EVA Done by US first

6. Munar impact

7: Launch a docking port into orbit and then launch a kerbal to dock with it(like agena target vehicle)

8. Munar orbit probe

9. Munar landing probe

10. Manned 3 person capsule

11. Manned lunar orbit

12. Test 2-stage Munar lander in LKO

13. Manned Munar orbit with Munar lander test.  Fall down to 5 kilometers and then ascend again. 

14. Manned Munar Landing

The catch?  Total cost per team must be less than 250,000. 150,000 :o

However, the team which completes each step first gets 2,000 * step number of bonus money.  (So a Munar orbit probe would give you 16,000 bonus money).

Before posting about your mission, you must post that you are going to do it in advance.  You have one week of real time to do the mission.  If the mission fails, than your team lost that money.  No quicksaves/reverts please.  If your mission fails, you can launch another mission if you want.  A failed mission will not count as one of your two missions.

This is possible.  Remember, a rockomax 3200 tank is only 3,000.

Get to the Mun first!   

Each poster must post in this format please:

Team:                Mission:

Put pics and desciption

Initial funds:

Funds used:

Funds remaining:



Mechjeb allowed

Tweakscale banned

Procedural tanks banned

Other procedural things allowed

No asparagus or caterpillar staging.

No ions or nukes

No other mods

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Time limit.
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Just two questions:

1) Can a team have only one user ?

2) Have you checked if it is possible? I mean, 14 mission, one with a 3 person capsule so with 2.5 m parts, with less than 250k founds!!!!! 

Ha, another question: is in Sandbox mode, right ?

Sorry if it was not clear, I'm not English

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It looks like a great challenge but it's going to be pretty hard. The thing is : we must do it before the other team. But i have all my day today so I can chose to be Werner von Kerman and do it today. It'll be finished in no time wich isn't really funny. The other thing is that even if we're only able to do 1 mission per day, the first one who finishes work makes the challenge in 10 minutes and the others are fu****. Wich isn't really cool neither. If we want this challenge to be a long one and fair one, we must find a solution.

And as @CairoJack said, we're going to be short in money. Even though everything is possible. So why not giving more or less money for each milestones ? For example why not giving 10 000 $ for the first orbiting probe, 5 000 $ for the first manned suborbital spaceflight, and 50 000 for the mün orbit and so on. And another idea that goes with the last one : instead of giving a cost limit for all, just give a 30 000 $ beginning budget for each team.

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Team: USSR         Mission: 1

A very small rocket.  Just 4 meters tall.

It failed(probe core ran out of power half way through the ascent.)  

Initial Funds: 250,000.

Cost: 2,760

Remaining Funds: 247,340

Second attempt:


Initial Funds: 247,340

Cost: 3,120

Remaining Funds: 244,220

Bonus: 2000

Total: 246,220

I'll post pics in a minute.


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1 hour ago, DAL59 said:

+aerodis Each poster can only do one mission, ever.  So one cannot just sit down and do all at once or one a day.  

True ! I just forgot the first line when reading you post.

Could you add maybe more details for the missions ? For example why don't you add orbital restriction for the first mission ? Maybe the probe would have a minimum apoapsis height like 100 k meter for example. 

+ you didn't told me about hte other funding method I propposed

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And how about making fair teams before the game starts? Each would have 7 players ( wich means 2 missions per player ) and a team leader who tells each player what mission to do. Then when both teams are ready the game would start. It would be some kind of a coordination game. And the boring missions problem would be solved !

@Pand5461 Totally agree with you. Maybe instead of removing this mission we could force player to use a supersonic plane ! After all this is how they leaved the atmosphere in the first place.

Edit : Remember : make teams first, and the game then or new players will chose the winning team of course !

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That would turn this into a role-play, which would make the mods lock the thread.  

"Unfortunately we do not allow for roleplay scenarios on the forums because it tends to get out of hand when people don't distinguish between the roleplay situations and the rest of the forums. "

However, I will make the  rules allow each player to launch two missions.  

I'll launch mission 2 for USSR now that rules are changed.

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Team: USSR      Mission: 2

The launch failed.  It was just a thumper, decoupler, lander can, and parachute, but it flipped over and Jeb aborted the mission.

Initial funds: 246,220

Cost: 3,172

Total: 243,048

Does any one else want to do the manned suborbital or should I try again?

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Team: USSR  Mission: 2

Success!  I used "hot staging".  That is where instead of a decoupler, you overheat the part below you. l also did an EVA in the upper atmosphere. :cool:

Initial Funds: 243,048.

Cost: 9,222

Bonus: 4,000

Total: 237,826

I'm out of missions now.  

Posting imajur album.


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Anyways I think my team ideas wasn't so bad... if you remove the team manager it won't be role play, it would be the same but with fixed teams instead. What you should do is :

freeze the game in it's current state for now, wait for people to chose a team, (meanwhile you can edit your original post and add a part with the team and it's current players to quickly see who is in wich team), and then unfreeze and the race begins.

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Okay.  Please do not post any missions until further notice.  Just choose a team. 7 per team


@DAL59- 2 missions done

@Pand54611- 1 mission done

@invision- 1 mission done





@Jetski- 1 mission done


@roboslacker- 2 missions done

@Kerbal Tween- 1 mission done


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