Russian Launch and Mission Thread

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An interesting rocket is depictured on the book cover.

The lunar landscape, the spacesuits. So, no air.

But the head of the rocket carries some fins or wings. So, it should fly to the Earth.

But its shape is conical, so it isn't designed for horizontal flight.

Probably the painter has pictured an interplanetary ballistic missile with a guided warhead ballistic reentry vehicle.
(If I get the English terms right, a "warhead" is that what's inside the "reentry vehicle").

As the rocket is not hidden in a storage/launch container, probably it's a very archaic design, probably early 1960s.

The spacesuits also look archaic, with unusual helmets, with long antennas. The right one also has an external air hose.

Probably, it's some early lunar IPBM base built on the Moon in early 1960s.

So, Apollos were not first on the Moon.
When they had landed, this old hidden Soviet base did not react on them to keep her position in secret.

And that's why Americans were developing their Horizon project. To find this base.


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On 2/21/2019 at 2:40 PM, sh1pman said:

Fregat engineers must be opening champagne right now. Unlike Soyuz-2 engineers. In their case it’s probably vodka.

Correction: it's all vodka. Fregat engineers are opening celebratory vodka; Soyuz-2 engineers are opening conciliatory vodka.

But damn, that's as "everyday Kerbal" as anything I've ever seen. "Whoops, accidentally selected retrograde during the insertion and now my insertion stage doesn't have enough dV. But heyyyyyyyyyyy look at all this monopropellant!"

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