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Russian Launch and Mission Thread


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33 minutes ago, kerbiloid said:


ISS lost orientation on the Soyuz MS-18 engine test.

And restored it back a minute later.

Sounds like a complete and utter overreaction to a routine engine check. What, did other such tests not change the orientation?

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1 hour ago, SOXBLOX said:

Huh. I was under the impression the ABM Treaty was still in effect (in some form or other), but I checked and it's not. Nevermind...

Well, to be fair, until this or Nudol aren't confirmed to be road-mobile (and the one claim of spotting Nudol TELs "in the wild" at Plesetsk has been withdrawn as tanker truck) they'd constitute a part of the Soviet treaty allowance for a single emplaced ABM array.

Russia's still sort of complies with the treaty, since A-235 will still be centered around Moscow, and the various tactical ABM systems like the S-300V (and therefore the S-500) don't count.

Dedicated counterspace use of these exoatmospheric ABMs isn't immediately obvious. Could be they're just concerned with silo vulnerability - one of the 53T6 batteries can be seen from the parking lot of a hardware store and is surrounded by dachas on all other sides, that's not exactly good physical security, let alone opsec.

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This is the SECOND incident in two months AND  there's also the cracks in Zarya/Zvezda AND the small fire they had there.

Soyuz MS-18 crew relocates spacecraft to Nauka - NASASpaceFlight.com

The ISS is really starting to show it's age now and it's kind of hard seeing it :( 


I personally think that the Russian segment is just haunted by Mir's ghost but no one listens to me, I wonder why?



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The unplanned test of the ISS attitude control systems has taken place not due to Soyuz failure, but due to the on-ground systems malfunction.


3 hours ago, Minmus Taster said:

I personally think that the Russian segment is just haunted by Mir's ghost but no one listens to me, I wonder why?

They think, it's the unborn souls of LOP-G and ROSS are trying to break into the real world and finally get made.

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5 hours ago, kerbiloid said:


The rescue rovers have moved to the MS-18 projected main and backup LZ.

'descent vehicle, on which cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky, actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko...' 

Why do Yulia and Klim not get to be Cosmonaut?  Don't you get Amazon in NuSoviet Russia? Kontakt Jeff Bezos and he will tell you - actor who goes to space is astronaut cosmonaut 

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I think I've just found a newsbite from a year ago that is of exceptional importance.


Apparently until the 2021 budget Roscosmos had to pass on every penny from NASA and commercial flyers directly into the federal budget. This is the first year when they're allowed to hang onto that money. That's really different from all the "Roscosmos only existed thanks to NASA seat fares" rhetoric I keep hearing.

The corporation was also supposed to brace for a significant budget cut in 2022. Dunno what it looks like in the actual 2022 budget developed this year, though.

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34 minutes ago, DDE said:

Yet more arrests around Vostichnyi, this time for a kickback as recent as last year.


Contractor who reported the kickback is already in jail on a different charge.


Only 5% kickback? That must be an all-time-low in the industry! Super impressive.

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