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Russian Launch and Mission Thread


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Maybe Roskosmos and NASA will fly on each other's ships.

Roskosmos has no plans to disconnect the "Russian segment" of ISS, this possibility was mentioned only in case if ISS will be deorbited.


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3 minutes ago, tater said:

Thanks for your effort, but sadly it looks like Chrome is not a supported browser for the type of livestream they are using (:() and because we're on chromebooks with restricted download capability, you can't really download anything else.

Thanks for trying, though. Enjoy the launch!

I'll still be following along on the SpaceFlightNow text updates, though.

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51 minutes ago, DDE said:

In related news, launching tomorrow in Russian theatres... $15 million well-spent, I hear.


Are these from the same producers of "First Time" and "First in Space"? There seems to be a sudden explosion in Historical Soviet Space movies. I'd love to watch this movie, i love space movies with some dramatic seasoning.

I think we are getting a bit off the tracks here.

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A Progress launch is happening in a few days. According to SFN, it will use a new rendezvous procedure that will reach the ISS in only an hour and a half, down from the six hours (Fast Track) which was already a massive improvement from the few days it used to be. We're getting closer to one orbit rendezvous like in KSP!

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