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FAITO's Blueprints Drawer [HerrCrazi's stock & modded crafts]


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Welcome to the FAITO crafts repository !

Ahoy mateys ! Here I'll present you all my important crafts as they will be designed along the time. You'll find here information, pics and downloads for all the crafts I'll post, and if you need some info, feel free to ask me in comment :)

I don't pretend to be a good designer nor a good builder, but I'm trying to do my best when I start a building project. If you're looking for some astounding crafts or replicas, there is far better anywhere on the forums :wink: Each craft will be shortly described and pictured in this first post, however you may find additional info in future posts I'll make each time I'll upload a craft.

Exhaustive List :

  •     FSS Raiatea Warship [AWB-P1]

The Crafts :

FSS 'Raiatea' Warship [AWB-P1]

The AWB-P1 is a small-but-dangerous armored patroller ship. It’s the very first class of warships produced by FAITO’s Naval Engineering Bureau. Built with care & love by our fellow engineers.
Her main goal is to protect the KSC against any flying object like a working rocket or anything else assuming it’s a thing that flies. It provides a large range of dangerous devices, such as Ground-to-Air missiles, cannons, machine-guns, and more. More that 1000 unit of each ammo are stored in the inside.
Her great defect : motorization. She's slow. Awfully slow. Our engineers are working on a much better motorized version.



    Type                  : Warship
    Class                 : P1 Raiatea
    Part Count       : 511
    Mods                 : 8
    Average Speed: 1m/s :D

Mods : BDArmory, BDArmoryContinued, CactEye 2 Orbital Telescope, Firespitter, KerbalEngineer, Procedural Parts, TweakScale - Rescale Everything!

Download !

That's all for now, folks :) !

Various stuff :

What is FAITO Aerospace ?

FAITO Aerospace (aka. FAITO) is my fictive space exploration company that have responsibility of running my space program in the right (upper?) direction. FAITO means FAITO Aerospace Innovative Technologies for Orbiters. Yeah, it's a recursive acronym :P . FAITO Aerospace is directed by Jebediah Kerman (aka. Jeb'). Jebediah Kerman means Jebediah Kerman, witch is not recursive. There is some internal subdivisions in FAITO :

  •     FAITO's Naval Engineering Bureau, for all the things that floats or sink.
  •     FAITO Research & Development, for all the experimental things that may explode.
  •     FAITO Science Committee, for all the 'scientific' things.
  •     FAITO Geomapping Bureau, the bureau that scans Kerbin and other celestial bodies to provide fancy maps with SCANSat mod.
  •     FAITO, the main subdivision, witch cares of anything looking like a rocket.

More about naming :


FAITO Space Objects Naming Reference Mk2 :

The generic pattern of an object naming is :

<acronym of the use> - <class><version number>  ' <nickname> '  <full name>

where :

  • The acronym is an acronym of the type of object, for example, MTV stands for Manned Transfer Vehicle. It's preceded by an X when the vehicle is under development. Some letters have special meanings I don't even remember here ^^
  • The class is a letter used to make the difference between different vessels with the same use, ex, two different types of MTVs will be named "MTV A1" and "MTV B1".
  • The version number starts at 1 or 0 for the prototypes, and has a major and minor field. Large changes increases the major field, otherwise the minor.  Ex : "MTV A1.2". There is never a final vessel holding a 0 major version number, as it's reserved for prototypes.
  • The nickname is the "real" name of the vessel, the one you're likely to remember and use to speak about it. Nicknaming conventions are based on vessel type, see below.
  • The full name is optional, usually it's the extended version of the acronym. If there is anything specific on this vessel, it can be precised here. Ex : automated vessel, VTOL, SSTO, ect...

Nicknaming conventions :

  • Rockets : existing ones, or like existing ones. Usually from Antique mythology.
  • Probes : Named after famous scientists (Hubble, Kepler, Newton, ect).
  • Bases : Naming free ! Like plaques, I tend to name them after real places.
  • Unmanned missions : Named from stars or constellations.
  • Manned missions : Named after Polynesian stars and constellations
  • Spaces stations : Named after Polynesian atolls
  • Utility vehicles (manned) : Named after Polynesian things (usually plants or birds)
  • Utility vehicles (unmanned) : naming free, assuming it usually fits also another category.
  • Modules and other things that doesn't exist alone in space in a normal (non-failed) mission : various names, usually personalities, polynesian stuff, Greek letters or names, even funny names or memes.
  • Kerbals : uses their own name btw.
  • Plaques : Naming free. Depends of the context. Usually by existing cities.

Why FAITO uses Polynesian names? Mostly because mythologic references are over-used and not creative at all, in my opinion. Everyone use them, so I prefer using rare and never-sawn-before names :)

Usual meanings for letters I use in acronyms :

  • X : prototype
  • F : plane
  • STS : space shuttle
  • K : related to Kerbal / Kerbin. Ex : KSS for the stations around Kerbin.
  • M : manned
  • A : automated (using kOS)
  • R : reusable
  • W : weaponry (rare)
  • B : boat
  • KSM : submarines
  • FSS : "real ships" bigger than two floating debris
  • Pz, T, or M with a number : tanks and armored ground vehicles (rare)
  • T, G, J, C : Rovers, cars, trucks, Jeeps, and other ground stuff.
  • L : launcher
  • <nothing> : laze. Most common.

(1) The first and unique time I made a SSTO, piloted by Bill, it crashed and was really bad. I was totally a noob, but the bad feeling about "weird plane that goes in a place not designed for planes" still remains. I hate SSTOs. Grrrrrrr...

Changelog :

  •     Created the topic
  •     Posted the FSS 'Raiatea' Warship



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