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The Kraken Aerospace Strategic Bomber Challenge

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We at Kraken Aerospace believe in the defense of our great planet, and will tolerate no attack on it. As it seems the current peace is about to end, as Duna has been moving forces towards Kerbin.



Your challenge: Build an aircraft capable of carrying a minimum of 8 10 MK0 Liquid Fuel tanks, carrying them to the North Pole, and releasing the entire payload successfully without damage to the craft.

Rules: Max height is 200,000 Metres, as SSTOs count, but cannot count for circumnavigation challenges. All craft must be able to take off before flying off of the runway. VTOLs count. Using mods like FullAutostrut are allowed (I can't live without it), but don't take excessive advantage.  No mechjeb, except for info readouts. No autopilot!


Scoring Rules

Each 'bomb', (beyond the required 10) will be worth 2 extra points.

Extra Challenges:

What have you done?!: Create an overkill plane, capable of circumnavigation, that carries at least 75 bombs: 300 Extra points.

Safety is our number one priority: Create a plane which, under crash testing impact of <100 Metres per Second, all crew survives 9/10 times- 25 points

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!: Directly copy the number one bomber at any given moment on the leaderboard: -9001 points + disqualification.

Dead Memes: create a plane which, the wing configuration makes it look like the plane is dabbing, (20 points), OR make a plane which carries OVER 9000 bombs- along with the 2 point per bomb bonus, add 9001 points.

You have swept us away! Make a swept Wing-Over-Body configuration, which looks somewhat like a B-52- 20 points.

Gotta go FAST!: + 0.1 point for every M/S over 200 M/S.

Im so fancy!: V/RSTOl Bomber- 50 pts. RSTOL stands of redonculusly short takeoff and landing.

One more entry... For each consecutive entry to the challenge, without being interrupted by another post, add 50 pts.

More Coming Soon!

Note:This is based off of This challenge: 


More info soon. Mods are allowed, run them by me first. Will post my own entry when I get back to my PC.






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Welp this was a fail. Trying to take this thread down...

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