I always gat an error when running the game,

My pc specs are:

GTX 1060 (6GB)

intel I7-4770

16GB RAM (DDR3 or 4, not sure)


the crash raport can be found here: <link>


Thanks for taking a look at it ^^

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Moved to the modded installs forum. Looks like Kerbal Planetary Base Systems is throwing an error, and there's other problems in the log that look like an old version of DMP might be involved.

I'd suggest starting from a stock 1.3.0 install and trying the mods one by one until something breaks. In some cases, the broken mod might have an update available that fixes things.

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Ill take a look at the mods, there might indeed still be some old mods hanging around somewhere,



It appears to have been mechjeb causing the problem, thanks for the help ^^

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