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Hello everyone! Today, I decided to give back to the community, in the form of a new mod! This mod will feature Therma, a new planet. It's basically a modified Kerbin, yes, but it's just a start.


In the future, I might turn this into a planet pack, when I actually get some experience.



  • Is a new planet.
  • Is slightly warmer than Kerbin, but still comfortable.
  • Has liquid water oceans.
  • Has a breathable atmosphere, containing oxygen.
  • Is basically a modified Kerbin.
  • Has lower gravity than Kerbin, low enough for jetpacks to work effectively.
  • The atmosphere is slightly smaller, but denser too.
  • Is not a mix of Duna, Laythe, and Kerbin.
  • Is between Duna and Kerbin.
  • Has rings (in the future)
  • Will have multiple moons, soon™.
  • Is Eve's worse nightmare.
  • Is also the name of this mod.
  • Doesn't exist yet.


Since the community seems to be very supportive of mods, I decided to go here.


I am only starting to develop Therma, any new updates will go here.

I don't have much experience in making mods (this is my first real one!), so, I need your help!


Tips and tricks here will also be appreciated.



  1. Development on Therma will start soon.




Concept art:




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