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RCS stuck in ROT mode, frames jittering and going back a few milliseconds.


Backstory: Trying to dock a science pod to a space station/making a space station. RSC controls stuck in rotation mode and I can't really use ROT controls for docking. Before this the frames were jittering and basically going back and forth in time. Adjusted display settings, helped a little, then when docking it happened again. Don't know If this is important, but just recently updated to MacOS High Sierra, jittering happened a day before and stuck in ROT controls happened after. 

I'm really irritated that I cannot finish my space station, I had it in a low orbit. It was perfect. I launched a pod with a lab on it and as soon as I got close it got stuck in ROT mode and I couldn't make the right adjustments. I turned of SAS and RCS, but the SAS/RCS noises were still there. It was super annoying because I was so close to finishing my space station. Before this I also had problems, frames jittering left to right. I adjusted the texture quality and the resolution a bit, but to no avail. I'm not saying the dev. team is bad, but seriously. Please optimize it a bit better for Macs, or at least not the highest spec computers. I don't know if this is due to me updating the OS, but seriously. It sucked. I don't know if its my computer and I want to know if anyone is having these same issues after updating. 

                                                                                                                             Please get back to me or comment,

                                                                                                                                                                                         Owen :(


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Hey Owen, welcome to the forums. I'm sorry to see your frustation. To get a little more background story, normally you can switch the docking mode with the spacebar? (or whatever key your mac uses)
It's very strange to see that the whole game just got glitched. My advice would be to create a fresh install, so a second one. Start the game and see how well it does work there, in sandbox mode for instance.

I see you're not using mods, at least you have put this in the unmodded support section. So I guess you only have one install of KSP at the moment.
Are you using steam? In that case, copy paste your Kerbal Space Program folder, normally located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\...). Copy the folder to another location, it doesn't really matter where, this is your original back-up.

After making the backup, delete KSP via steam. Just do a double check if all the files are deleted where KSP is suposed to be.  Create a clean install via steam and test if the problem still occurs. 

I can assure that this bug has nothing to do with the performance of your rig. KSP is a relative low-end game, you can basically run it with a potato. 
Maybe something went wrong with the update as you mentioned, but for now de dev's can't do anything about that. 

If the problem is solved by the fresh install, copy the save folder from the original back-up folder into the new game folder. This way you don't lose your progress. 
If the problem is present after importing your old safe, you know your safefile itself is corrupted or bugged in some way. Upload some logs to the forum and maybe someone knows what up. (but I really think it's a bug in the game itself or in your OS) 

If the problem occurs in the test install, before importing the old safe, you know the problem is within your mac itself. 
In that case, upload your logs, as described here:


This way, the developers, forum-users, etc., can see what is happening in your install. When something is really wrong with the install and bugs with your OS and that from other Mac-users, it will certainly get optimized soonTM.
Adjsuting a game to a new OS and since your OS is just released, you can't really blame the dev's due the short time period. But I'm sure it will be fixed in a patch later on.


I hope this solves you problem, just let me know. :) 

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