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[WIP]Re-shapping the way we fly

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Hi to all kerbonauts i'm Diias,

So let me tell you my idea, in a simplified version :

I wanna reshape (not in a bad way) the way you start with your aircraft in the ground,

I wanna add this items to my first iteration of this mod when it realeses which I have no date,

1. New small to mid size engine, I'm aiming for like a A320 to B737 engine

2. Add an APU system

3. Add 1 new type of material which is pressurized air


So it would be like:

 So you would do your aircraft or plane, and to start the engines you need pressurized air.... and to make that pressurized air you need to start the APU (It's worst than it sounds) but to start the APU you need Electric charge which I will tweak during the development to be balanced. 

"Obviously the APU can only start one engine ( You could only start 2 engines at the same time if you putted 2 APU's but that is kinda obvious)"

But here it's where it gets tricky, I know little about 3d modeling and I just have my girlfriend helping me doing it but she only had like a crash course of blender, so if anyone wants to help or in this case volunteer for this project send me a private message, and for everyone else I will try to update every once in a awhile the development of this mod 

thanks to all who red this post stay kerby 

1st Update:


2nd Update


This is how it looks in unity now with some really fast textures but almost finished:





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