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Revert to 1.3



KSP: 1.3.1 Windows 10, 64bit

Problem: I updated to soon.

Mods installed:
Way too many.


I can't figure out how to make the box disappear. Sorry.


Reproduction steps:

Update do 1.3.1 without thinking it through. See that all the mods you need for missions you were actively working on are as suited to version 1.3.1 as mercury-thermometers are to commercial airliners.


Not really necessary, nor useful.

Okay, to put my question, as elaborated above, as simply as I can:
How can I revert to 1.3?

Technically, I actually know. Get the 1.3 installer, backup the "ships", "saves" and "gamedata" folders, install it all fresh and dandy, dump my bloated backup in there, load it up, and smile like the clumsy oaf that I am.
Problem: the Download site on kerbalspaceprogram.com offers many flavors of installers and patches. Even the installer for ya olde version 1.2.2.
But not, as of this writing, an installer for 1.3.

Anyone. Please. Where can I find ye older v1.3(x64) installer, for Windows?
I don't even need some official place. If anyone just happens to still have it, and would put it on Google Drive or some other file-host for me to download, I would be most grateful. I might name one of my ships after you!

Pleasepleaseplease, help a guy out!
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Alas, I have gone the way of the big hammer.
In case anyone else encounters the same dilemma, here's how I bested my ill fortunes:

- backup "GameData", "Ships", and "Saves" folders outside the KSP installation folder.
- ensure that any mods you had so eagerly updated for the new 1.3.1 version are downdated to their last 1.3 state.
- uninstall KSP and delete installation folder.
- install KSP 1.2.2, as available on the KSP website.
- immediately patch it to 1.3 with the patch that's also provided on the KSP website.
- copy the backed-up "GameData", "Ships", and "Saves" folders and merge them with the folders in the fresh KSP install.
- start KSP and re-adjust all the little settings that you probably didn't have to loose like I just did.

So that's that. Thank you, @linuxgurugamer, for the assistance!

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If you are using Steam, you can revert in steam:

  1. Right-click on Kerbal Space Program in the Library list
  2. Click on the BETAS tab
  3. Click the Dropdown "Select the beta you would like to opt into" and select the last line

The downgrade will start immediately, just wait until Steam is done

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As stated previously, nopes. The website offers installers for 1.3.1, 1.2.2, and some older than 1.2.2.
Only 1.3 in there was the patch, to patch 1.2.2 to 1.3. Which is what I ended up doing, so far seems to have worked.


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1 minute ago, DerGolgo said:

As stated previously, nopes. The website offers installers for 1.3.1, 1.2.2, and some older than 1.2.2.
Only 1.3 in there was the patch, to patch 1.2.2 to 1.3. Which is what I ended up doing, so far seems to have worked.

Odd, they have the others.

@Badie any reason why the 1.3.0 installers aren't available on the website for purchasers?

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Is there a way to revert mods back to 1.3 through CKAN if you have hastily snapped up every update going in the hope that your HEAVILY modded game will stop crashing on the load screen? Or is it something that has to be done manually?

I'm confident with CKAN, but I'm not confident enough to do it manually. KSP is my first experience of using mods

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9 hours ago, ManeTI said:

Hi guys there are new patches ... Only for Windows

Right... So how do I roll back a GNU/Linux install then?

I'll just repost this here, for visibility:

On 10/7/2017 at 12:48 AM, steve_v said:

If a dev supports GNU/Linux, I buy their stuff. If they treat me like a second-class citizen, I don't buy from them again.

I have been asking for a patch mechanism that works for GNU/Linux and MacOS for quite some time now, and I'm getting pretty angry with this apparent "minimum effort" approach to updates and distribution.

Guess you guys are just too lazy to fix your patcher, and too incompetent to write native code for anything other than Windows. I know 12 year olds who could make a patch for the Linux build. I give up.

Goodbye Squad, you've put me in steerage for not running Steam on Windows one time too many. I sincerely hope your "paid expansion" goes just as well as your cash-grab console port did.

Right now, the likelihood of me buying this supposed "DLC", or any future Squad products, is exactly zero. I'll be sure that rubs off on everyone I know as well.

At this point I'm just here for the community, it's orders of magnitude more effective than Squad is when it comes to support, and quicker fixing bugs to boot.

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8 hours ago, ManeTI said:

Hi 1.3.0 (Full game) is available for Linux & MacOS on the downloads section of the store.

Thank you. Still no patches though, I see.

What is so bloody difficult about providing incremental patches? You do for Windows, so you can damn well do the same for the other supported platforms. Slack.

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Just a word of advice to anyone using a lot of mods...Export a backup your mod list in CKAN often.

I recently ruined my install by haphazardly updating after a long break, and had major problems trying to revert.  But I realized I had some regular exports of my mod list.

If you do this, reverting is as easy as:

1. Backup the entire install as-is (broken).

2. Uninstall KSP and delete everything.

3. Install KSP fresh with version you want (Betas tab if you are using steam).

4. Install a fresh version of CKAN.

5. Import your old mod list file using the "install from .ckan" feature.

6. Copy over your old saves folder.

7. Startup KSP.


I was completely amazed how well this worked to get me back where I was 4 months ago.  I loaded up my gargantuan space station with no problems at all (493 parts) and my interplanetary mothership (745 parts) with no problems.

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