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Stock car with adjustable ride height


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Citroën CX

1974 - 1991



The Citroën CX is a world famous executive car introduced in 1974. In 1975 it became European Car of the Year. Like its predecessor, the even more famous DS it had the revolutionary hydropneumatic suspension. It was also the second car in the world with DIRAVI, a variable assist power steering.


There are three versions of this stock car, a painted and unpainted one and a painted rally version. I've tried to replicate the construction, performance and driving characteristics. This means the car is basically understeered. One thing you'll notice is the narrow track of the rear wheels. Most Citroëns have this, it helps FWD cars with stability.


The rally version is a totally different beast and my own interpretation of what it should be. The aerodynamics are completely reworked, I've used a lot of lighter materials on the bodywork, the interiour is gone, front and rear track are wider, the wheels have a 5 deg. camber etc. That thing is too fast for its own good.


I am unable to replicate the hydraulic system of this car. Simply because hydraulics in KSP don't exist (yet). Also the suspension of the rover wheels is not adjustable. So I used a trick: I disconnect the body and regulate ride height from the chassis. Actually all controls are done from the chassis except the lights.






Specifications CX:

Power: 3x Juno and front wheel drive.
Boost flaps: double.
Wheels: 8x M1.
Front suspension: springs 2.0, shocks 0.8.
Rear suspension: springs 1.25, shocks 0.9.
Brakes: maxed out.
Total mass: 12.25t.
Mass bodywork: 7.25t.
Part count total: 286.
Part count bodywork: 206.
Top speed: 59 m/s.


Specifications CX Rally:

Power: 6x Juno and all wheel drive.
Boost flaps: quadruple (box type).
Wheels: 10x M1.
Front suspension: springs 1.5, shocks 1.25.
Rear suspension: springs 1.5, shocks 1.25
Brakes: rear bias.
Total mass: 8.5t.
Mass bodywork: 2.8t.
Part count total: 193.
Part count bodywork: 98.
Top speed: >150 m/s.




  1. Seat your kerbal, detach the crew module (hit stage).
  2. Throttle to 0%. Hit stage again.
  3. Change focus to the chassis. You're now in control.
  4. To toggle ride height, use action group 1.
  5. Warning: don't do fast cornering when the ride height is high. It will void your warranty.


To fully appreciate the black and rally CX you need DCK. They work fine without.

Download links:

Stock CX on KerbalX
Black CX on DropBox
Rally CX on DropBox


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3 minutes ago, Joseph Kerman said:

Do you think you can make the Survolt (considering it is an electric car)?

Without using mods, that's a very complex shape to get right. And stock rover motors are incapable of achieving anything like the performance of this car.

So ... I think I'll pass if you don't mind :-)

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7 minutes ago, Azimech said:

Without using mods, that's a very complex shape to get right. And stock rover motors are incapable of achieving anything like the performance of this car.

So ... I think I'll pass if you don't mind :-)

I managed to get a Huayra-inspired supercar, a Survolt might be no problem...

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