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[ANY] LongStrut - Struts reach super-far


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18 hours ago, Drew Kerman said:

not to be a downer or anything but this seems like a lot to just get a simple MM patch I could copy and paste into my existing patch file if it were just posted as a code block. Would be a good addition to


but if I did that way only, it wouldn't be as widely available.
I find that CKAN and SpaceDock are excellent sources for mods and increase the chance of their discovery, rather than an old buried thread that one may not know of, to search for.
I'll add the code to the thread you linked, but it'll still remain on CKAN and SpaceDock.

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12 hours ago, Murdabenne said:

I like big struts and I can not lie
You other kerbals can't deny
when a rockets wobbles up with an itty bitty stage
And the booster says goodbye

play this in the background while continuing to read the rest of this post:

Oh... my... Kraken....
Becky Kerman, look at those Struts.
It looks like one of those newbie engineer players.
But, ya know, who understands those noob engineer guys?
They only built it like that because,
it looks like a total possibility, 'kay?
I mean, the vessel, is just so big,
I can't believe it's not even round,
the concept is just like, out there,
I mean, gross, look, it's just so... *bleech*

I like big struts and I can not lie,
You other Kerbals can't deny,
That when a booster wiggles out of place,
and your vessel is not going to space,
you get hung... up in the air,
and you can't help but stare,
'Cause you notice that rocket just RUD...

Deep in the upper atmosphere,
and you can't help but swear....

Oh baby, I want to fix ya,
and take your picture...

My colleague players tried to warn me,
but that LongStrut you got makes (me so want-ty)

Oooh, rockets-o'-smooth-fairings,
You say you want to get to the Mun?
well, use this, use this,
'Cause you ain't that average noobie...

I've seen that part dancing,
to heck with part welding,
the fuel tanks are set, wet,
got it goin' like a Kerbal Vet.... *(Vet = veteran, 5-star)

I'm tire of stock limits,
saying short struts are the thing,
Take the average KSP player and ask him that,
it's gotta reach all the way to the back,
So, players (YEAH!) Players (YEAH!)
Do you have LongStrut? (HECK YEAH!)
Tell 'em to make it, (make it) make it, (make it)
Make that giant rocket....

Part got struts (KSP fits with the Orange Booster)

Part got struts (KSP fits with the Orange Booster)

I like 'em round and big,
and my system RAM is down to a gig,
I just can't help myself, I'm actin' like Bill... *(Bill Kerman)
You know the drill,
I need to get them back home and (ugh) double-up (ugh, ugh)

I ain't talkin' about girders, boy...
'cause stock parts are made for joy...

I want 'em real wide and boosty,
so find that boosty double,
my Kerbals are in trouble,
Beggin' for a rescue bubble...

So I'm lookin' at Scott Manley videos,
knock-kneed rockets flying like pros,
Well, you can have those videos,
I'll keep my rockets named like "Flo Jo"

A word the thick rocket boosters,
I want to use ya,
I won't translate or rotate ya,
but it's gotta be straight,
cuz I'm gonna launch at dawn,
so that part is goin' on...

a lot of simps won't like this song,
'cause them punks like to crash it and quit it,
and I'd rather stay and play,
cuz my rocket's long, and strong, *(strong = high TWR)
and I'm down to get the aero-friction on...

So, engies, (YEAH!) engies, (YEAH!) if you want to roll in my Mercedes *(Mercedes is the rocket name)
then turn it around, strut it up,
even MaxQ can't pull it apart...

Vessel's got struts

Vessel's got struts

Yeah, when it comes to rockets,
Stock ain't got nothin' to do with my selection
Thirty-six, twenty-four, thirty six?
Ha, ha, only if it's five-three... *(five-three = 5.3 tonnes x 1000)

So your rocket's name is Honda, playin' youtube videos by Fonda
But Fonda ain't got a rocket motor in the back of her Honda.
My anaconda rocket don't want none
unless you got struts, son...

It can do side-bends or push-ups,
but please don't lose those struts,
some players want to play that hard role,
and tell you that the strut ain't golden,
so they toss it and leave it,
and I fly up quick to retrieve it...

So the cosmos says it's fat,
well I ain't down with that,
cuz your delta-v is small and your engines are kickin'
and I'm thinkin' about stickin'

to the beanpole rockets in the guides and magazines,
those ain't it, my thing.
give me a booster, I can't refuse it,
LiquidFuel and Oxidizer didn't miss it,

Some knuckleheads tried to dis,
cuz his Kerbals are on my passenger list,
he had sent them to Duna but chose to crash 'em,
and I Hohmann transferred, real quick to rescue 'em,

So engies, if your payload is round,
and you want a tripple SpaceX throw down,
Dial 1-900-KSPALOT
And launch those giant rockets

Vessel's got struts


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