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Wont Start game


When i start game it freeze at loading (in the middle) and generate report log. Here is download link for it https://transfer.sh/2g6qV/2017-10-11_004940.rar

I tried to reinstal game but it wont help.

I am using steam version

here is my build ID if its for something 

build id = 01891
2017.10.05 at 22:01:28 CEST
Branch: master
language = en-us

I am running at W10

Intelcore i7 7700HQ 2,8-3,8GHz

Nvidia GForce 1050Ti 4GB

and 16GB of RAM

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1) This install is modded, and therefore this doesn't belong in the unmodded section.
2) You are running the 32bit KSP executable, never a good idea with mods.
3) You have mods installed that are not compatible with 1.3.1, and several are throwing exceptions.

My money is on #3 for the cause of your crash. Steam probably did that super helpful "auto update and break all my stuff" thing that it does.

Downgrade back to 1.3.0 (IIRC Steam can do this, but I wouldn't touch Steam with a 40' pole, so YMMV), or remove the mods and install 1.3.1 compatible versions.

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