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Asteroid absorbed ship. What have I done wrong?


I must be doing something wrong with this asteroid mining stuff, because I don't really have any control over the asteroid, and the ship just... wobbles all around.  SAS doesn't seem to matter.  A few times the ship just broke off with me touching nothing.   The only difference this time is the Advanced Grabbing Unit was set to Free Pivot.

I can't even get this thing to turn to lower its orbit properly, I have no clue how you guys are flying them around.

Anyway, the asteroid...uh, ate the ship.  It just spun around and got absorbed.  It kept slowly spinning and is now back outside.




What am I doing wrong with these things?  I did try to attach KIS/KAS EVA struts once, which worked, but the ship broke apart when I connected the second one... but obviously this is meant to work, even in stock. 



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Thanks for the advice, I think I have some basics now, and it's just gonna need practice at this point.  Although I'm probably "cheating" a bit with the anchors and KIS struts.  I just gotta remember to quicksave before I load the vessel, as once in awhile it rips the struts off and/or explodes on load.  Although it did that without the struts too :/




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