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Mars probe breaking up randomly



Hey guys, so I'm having trouble sending a probe to Mars in RSS.  I'm using Stockalike RF and Kerbalism as my realism mods instead of RO.  The problem I'm having is inconsistent, which is driving me even crazier.  So if anyone has any ideas, I'd be very grateful.
Basically, when I time warp at high rates for a while in tracking or space center, then go back to the probe, half the time it is in pieces.  The engineer's report says there were "structural failure or linkage" between several parts, almost always topped by the jumbo fuel tank and its linkages.  Any idea what could be causing this?
If it's helpful at all, here's my modlist (KSP 1.2.2):
CactEye Telescopes
Colision FX
Community Resource Pack
Contract Configurator
Distant Object Enhancement
Docking Port Sounds
Engine Lighting
EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements (RSSVE)
EVA Transfer
Ferram Aerospace Research
Flight Management for Recoverable Stages & Recovery Control
Heat Pumps (RF)
Historical Progression Tech Tree
Kerbal Alarm Clock
Kerbal Engineer
Kerbal Launch Failure
Launch Countdown
Modular Flight Integrator
NavBall Texture Changer
Orbital Decay & Solar Cycle System
Precise Node
QuickSAS & QuickStart
Real Fuels & RF Stockalike
Real Plume
Real Heat
Real Solar System
Reentry Particle Effects
RSS Visual Enhancements
Smoke Screen
Solver Engines
Texture Replacer
Transfer WindowPlanner
Ven's Stock Revamp
Module Manager of course
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I just tried it again after removing Kerbalism from my GameData folder.  Same results unfortunately.  I also removed Heat Pumps in case KSP's weird time-warp heating model was causing it, but no joy.

I'll give KJR a try, but I have actually enjoyed having to design my rockets more carefully to avoid structural failures during launch.  I've learned a lot about reducing wobble and preventing overstress on certain joints.  If I need KJR to do long duration missions though, then it's worth the trade.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like the issue I'm having?  Spacecraft inexplicably being destroyed after a long time unattended?

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3 minutes ago, NFunky said:

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like the issue I'm having?  Spacecraft inexplicably being destroyed after a long time unattended?

I had my share of failures because of bad design. :blush: Don't seem likely to be your case, but you maybe some images revel something? 


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This sometimes happens in RSS. In case you are using RTG's, place them away from the probe because they can overheat it. I dont know all of your listed mods, but you could also remove some of the heat mods, because I think it is possible that they trigger such overheating events.

 The only advice I can give: take a quicksave before loading the vessel. In case it explodes, reload. Then it always works.

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Thank you guys all for the advice.  I still have no idea what was causing this, but Kerbal Joint Reinforcement did seem to help a lot.  In testing, I still occasionally get unexpected disassembly, but it's rare now.  More like 1 in 10 rather than 1 in 3 like it was.

Interesting about the heating model in RSS.  I don't think this was the issue here, since I never got any overheating reports, just structural failures, but I am planning a mission with an RTG, so that's really good to know.

Anyway, I'd still be very interested if anyone else has experienced sudden, unexpected disassembly when loading a vessel.

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