[WIP] UranianBlue's Realistic Flight Complication Mod

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Hello all!!

Being close to my Fall Break, I have had extra time to begin contemplation of a new mod! After playing KSP yesterday, I realized that an interplanetary mission would require food to feed the kerbals. I like to think of KSP as a relatively ideal version of the space program; the astronauts don't have to worry about food, electric charge, etc. Moreover, KSP does not cause parts to randomly fail. Does everybody remember the Antares Rocket Explosion that happened about 3 years ago? Since explosions are what make KSP interesting, I think that random part failures will make the game even better.

Here are some features that will be inserted into the mod:       



       Various containers containing snacks.

       Various farms that can be operated on Duna or objects with water on the surface.

       Various parts will now explode randomly.

       Solar Flares are a common problem. If they are coming toward your ship, they can kill you. Radiation shields may be                     implemented

       Gas-Giant Planets will emit radiation.


       For the first update of the mod, I will add in support for other planet packs, including my own planet packs.



My rule for making these mods is based on how well the community would want a mod like this. If you want to see this mod completed, please show your support so I can gauge which mods I have to prioritize finishing. If you have any suggestions, please list them in a comment; I am open to all suggestions for this mod.

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However, Kerbalism is a life support mod, you could make your mod have the features you listed for players who have mods like MKS, it's a niche that people want and I too am very interested in, so go ahead

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I don't mean to bite... I'm among a few players who are interested in just the space weather and planetary emission aspects, then we can simply combine this with a few great pre-existing mods (life support and so on) to achieve the overall system you've intended (and save you a lot of potential redundant dev work). A mod very recently came out that has random failures and high attention to realism and realistic progression perfectly covered. It's BARIS by @Angel-125


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Here's my answer:

Does BARIS show a picture of Mike Pence touching critical space hardware whenever a part fails, saying that Pence was the reason why the mission failed? Where's the humor in that mod?

Here's an analogy that you will be familiar with. People make planet mods all the time. Why make new planet mods if all the planets are close in resemblance or type of planet? Why would anybody make an interstellar planet mod if others had done it before? I promise you that there will be differences between existing mods. The reason I am making this mod is so that I have a shot at adding something that BARIS lacks (maybe a cosmic ray striking your ship destroy your science number).


There's no humor in Kerbalism. This mod must be funny. First, the food supply containers will be "vending machines" containing the Kerbal delicacy "snacks."


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Hello guys!!

This mod will be finished by popular demand. Thanks to @StarCrusher96, the creator of KSS, I now have a purpose for this mod. Apparently, Kerbalism does not work properly in interstellar planet packs. The objective(s) for this mod have now been changed.

First, humor is no longer allowed here. KSS, which desperately needs Kerbalism or some mod like Kerbalism, is highly realistic. Therefore, this mod should match the level of realism in KSS. If any of you wanted the food containers to be shaped as radially attached vending machines, I'm sorry. The people who play KSS really want stock-alike parts.

Second, engine failures in stock engines and fuel tanks will not be included. Since I've got a lot to work on (and two other mods to make as well), the random failing of parts, which is already included in BARIS, will not be added into this mod.

Third, the mod will be adjusted to whatever settings you may desire. Note that these will not appear as in game settings; they must be changed in a .cfg file. This became a priority because KSS would need to use the mod in a similar way that any Kopernicus modder would use e.v.e to make clouds for their planets.

Finally, radiation belts and CME's will be the top priority for this mod. This is Kerbalism's weak point is solar storms coming from other stars.


If you have any comments, post your two cents below. Chances are that it might be worth something. As stated in my recent status update, I've got a lot on my plate. I'm open to people who want to help make models and textures for parts (this is what graduate students are for). Those who do make such contributions will be given proper credit for their work. I've got the C# part covered.

If you are developing a planet pack or already have an interstellar planet pack and want your ideas heard, send me a message, and I will do the best I can.

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