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[1.11.2] Whirligig World Planetary System: An Absurd Homeworld In An Alien Solar System. Moon revamps! 0.12.4 3.28.2021

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Here is a nice Delta-V Table between all the moons of Mesbin.

Plain white version:



These are all approximates and may be somewhat higher or lower depending upon the specifics and the plane-changes. For specific transfer delta-v, please use the Transfer Window Planner mod. But for a basic idea of what delta-v to expect, this table should be satisfactory.

I'm working on the Whirligig World wiki on GitHub, which will have a list of the Delta-V to targets from Mesbin orbit. Eventually we'll have a proper delta-v subway map, and I'd also like to have trans-satellite delta-v tables for the other systems (The Kaywell planets, the Tyepolbynar satellites, Valyr satellites, Reander satellites, the Gememma planets, and the Mandrake/Rutherford satellites)

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KerbMun Orbital Station (KMOS) in Medium Kerbmun Orbit. [Whirligig World, ReStock]

Whirligig World vastly rewards the construction and development of space infrastructure due to the high delta-v requirements for leaving Mesbin orbit (the oblate super-tylo in behind Kerbmun). I've already built a giant fuel miner/tanker which is sitting on the trojan minor moon which shares Kerbmun's orbit, and it will be sent to KMOS to correct KMOS' orbital inclination soon. This is only the Core Module of the station. I still need to send up the Fuel Tank Modules, the Power Plant Module, and a Docking Module.

The eventual use of this will be a station for interplanetary ships returning to the Mesbin system. Rather than get all the way down to Mesbin Low Orbit Space Station (MLOSS), where a very hefty circularization burn of over 4 km/s must be made, ships will aerobrake at Kerbmun, rendezvous with the KMOS, and then their crews will take Orbital Shuttles down to the MLOSS, and from there they can take Takeoff-Landing Shuttles back to the surface and their underground homes and families.

The KMOS will also be the starting point for the colonization of Kerbmun, nearly a thousand years later than initially intended.

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0.9.0 is finally out. Not much left before 1.0. Though I suspect we'll see a 0.10.0 before a 1.0. :)


  • All bodies now use Unique Body Identifiers (UBIs).
  • Support for Interstellar Consortium.
  • Homeworld Swap Patch supports IC and UBIs.
  • Fix Kronometer patch, no longer breaks save files.
  • Four Kronometer Modes, changeable in the settings.cfg file.
    • Kerbmun Time: Based on a 30 hour Kerbmun Day.
    • Mesbin Classic Time: The original clock based on the Mesbin day.
    • Mesbin Kerbin Time: New default mode, uses a 6 hour long "Fortnight."
    • Mesbin Earth Time: Uses a 24 hour long "Fiftynight."
  • Fophie's Icon is a normal minor planet, no longer the ugly comet.
  • Change planet descriptions for Kerbmun patch.
  • Add cloud configs to Gannovar, Egad, Lowel, Ollym, Totooa, and Lito.
  • Update cloud map for all existing configs.
  • Gas giants now have cloud maps
    • Reander's map has been made transparent from space for visual reasons, will revisit this later.
    • Mandrake and Rutherford's maps are also transparent from space as E.V.E. supports only one starlight at a time.
  • Asteroid Revamp:
    • Asteroids can now be 10 times larger than before. Existing asteroid classes have incorrect descriptions.
    • Asteroids come in four new density classes, all of which are MUCH denser than the 0.03 g/cm^3 of stock. Shown in increasing density order and decreasing ore percentage. (Note that since asteroids can get MUCH more massive, large metallic asteroids will still have huge amounts of ore)
      • Icy: 1.5 g/cm^3
      • Carbonaceous: 2.3 g/cm^3
      • Stony: 3.4 g/cm^3
      • Metallic: 6.5 g/cm^3
    • Asteroids of different densities will be more or less likely to spawn in some locations.
    • Currently there is no way to tell the different asteroids apart except by indirect observation or by checking the save file.
    • Community Resource Pack supports different asteroid classes.
    • Optional setting to reset asteroid densities to 1/100th real density.
  • Mesbin's atmosphere limit changed, there's now a thin atmosphere all the way up to space. (Necessary for contracts)
  • Change Mesbin's flyingHigh data multiplier to 0.7, same as flyingLow on Kerbin. Change flyingLow to 10 to reflect how ludicrously difficult it is to get into the lower atmosphere.
  • Increase saturation of Mesbin texture and make the reddish mountain peaks actually noticeably red.
  • Add many more science definitions.
  • Corrected a typo on Pragnik's biomes.
  • Re-add thin atmosphere to Etrograd.
  • Simplified Mesbin's biome map to reduce incorrect biome identification.
  • Rewrite Mesbin's science definitions accordingly.
  • Increase Diddmun's size and density.
  • Fix a typo in Shol's Orbit node, it is now correctly aligned with its trojan asteroids. (This will probably break missions that are en route to Shol due to it being in the wrong place in its orbit)
  • Ordinary Kerbin flyby asteroids no longer spawn in Mesbin's orbit.
  • Scatterer sunflares support. (Still no atmospheres)
  • Increased the SOI size of Statmun and Thresomin.
  • Fix spaceAltitudeThreshold on Totooa.
  • Fix typo in Derbin's science definitions.
  • Fix a typo in Etrograd's config. Its mass is now defined correctly.
  • Add displayNames to all planet configs, with ^N at the end to fix "of a" being added to science reports.
  • Fix a few references to Mesbin as a homeworld in the Kerbmun-Homeworld Science Definitions and planet descriptions.
  • Change Gememma's period to simulate binarity.
  • Go through all planet and moon orbits to ensure all orbital elements are defined correctly.
  • Fix luminosity of Kaywell and Gememma--sorry if you were used to 5x luminosity!
  • Flatten MapDecalTangent around the Space Center. The Space Center foundation no longer floats!
  • Increase terrain scatters on Mesbin.
  • Change fog color ramps on Duna-template bodies.
  • Change atmosphere rims on atmospheric bodies to make them look prettier and more realistic.
  • Define Rutherford's orbital Period.
  • Give Reander's moons all a small eccentricity and inclination.
  • Tweak Distant Object Enhancement sprite colors to be brighter.
  • Reduce science multipliers for the Tyepolbynar System.
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With upcoming version 1.4 (April 1st, get it?) on the horizon, I thought I'd share with you some of the new, more realistic textures I've been working on.



New, more realistic Tyepolbynar texture.


New, more realistic Imterril texture.


New, more realistic Shol texture.


New, more realistic Lowel and Ollym textures.


New, more realistic Ammenon texture.


New, more realistic Reander texture.


New, more realistic Valyr texture.


New, more realistic Kerbmun texture.


New, more realistic Graymun texture.

and last but certainly not least,


New, more realistic Gememma texture.


Edited by GregroxMun
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Patch 0.9.1.


  • Add missing UBI to Shol.
  • Change Kaywell's lens flare brightness curve for better IC compatibility.
  • Add more science definitions, especially materials lab. (Mesbin-career-mode only so far)
  • Fix Gememma's scaled intensity curve final value.
  • Add new Mesbin-28 Kronometer clock.
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12 minutes ago, Barzon Kerman said:

i actually like how they looked, even if it was an april fools joke.

Most of them looked terrible! Some of them were shiny because the game thought they were oceans! The terrain height and normals didn't match the colors! It's just Mesbin's color map over and over again.

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7 minutes ago, Ultimate Steve said:

Oh... I thought you were being serious!



If I ever do something as horrible as that you gotta speak up!

Edited by GregroxMun
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Oh my god oh my god oh my god

Squad you've finally done it

oh my god

I'm so happy

I've not been this happy about something Squad did in a long time.

1.7 fixes the soi/ksc-altitude explosion bug.

Kopernicus isn't released to the public for 1.7 yet as of writing, but when it is, you won't have to quicksave/quickload every stable orbit because this bug is fixed.

There shouldn't need to be any updates to this mod for the Kopernicus 1.7 update, so you'll be able to use the same mod download and it'll just work.


The new At Ground Level altimeter is also very very good for Whirligig World.

Edited by GregroxMun
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On 4/11/2019 at 9:08 AM, GregroxMun said:

Kopernicus for 1.7.0 is released!

so Whirligig v0.9.1 works for 1.6.1, as well? ... just depends which Kop is used?
I ask, because I know you updated a *bunch* of your mods, like, an hour or so before 1.7 officially dropped :P

EDIT: i guess my question also applies to all those said mods vOv

Edited by Stone Blue
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19 minutes ago, Stone Blue said:

so Whirligig v0.9.1 works for 1.6.1, as well? ... just depends which Kop is used?
I ask, because I know you updated a *bunch* of your mods, like, an hour or so before 1.7 officially dropped :P

EDIT: i guess my question also applies to all those said mods vOv

Yeah they should work with 1.6.1 too as long as you use the correct version of Kopernicus.

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On 4/22/2019 at 2:45 PM, Mangu said:

@GregroxMun I just got a contract to mine 600 units of ore on statmun which has no ore - it would be great if you could fix statmun’s contracts to not ever include ore as a requirement. Thanks!

Thanks, I'll look into it.


EDIT: it's in the next version. Not sure if I'll end up with a 0.9.2 or a 0.10.0 next, but either way the next version should have fixed this.

Edited by GregroxMun
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