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[1.12.x] Whirligig World Planetary System: An Absurd Homeworld In An Alien Solar System. 0.13.0: Dermun! Ice worlds! Better Scatterer!


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Hi! I'm having issues running this mod.



Computer: MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2019, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports)

Processor: 1.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5

Memory: 8 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3

Startup Disk: Macintosh HD

Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 1536 MB

Serial Number: haha not saying


Screenshot: forum won't let me insert one, so here's the link to a Google Drive screenshothttps://drive.google.com/file/d/14dv4We7qXN0kH4c9ifAA9Rq4t1lpHfXh/view?usp=sharing



https://drive.google.com/file/d/10l9cct3D5TPajswywL2Tr6EGEgKfJAib/view?usp=sharing is the KSP.log.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ErQjJ1HMczGS3JVR15EeJv7CYGtDYIu1/view?usp=sharing is the ModuleManager.ConfigCache. Note that it needs to be downloaded.



https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sxm_in8Ut440M3fkia70TcZxBbAyUkMn/view?usp=sharing are the two files in the Kopernicus log folder.


I am running nothing but:

- the latest version of Kopernicus

- the latest version of WhirligigWorld (not installed via CKAN, by the way; I dredged the rest of this thread looking for solutions myself, and found that)

- the sub-mods - Scientific Revolution, Module Manager, and ModularFlightIntegrator - that come "boxed" with the above two mods

- the base game, by Squad


Plz do ze halps. Let me know if you can't access any of the materials above.


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Hi! I'm having trouble with this mod.

I think that my previous troubleshooting request was deleted by the moderators (it vanished for some reason); the only two things I can think of are either that I'm a new poster and therefore not allowed to post on here or that there were links in my previous comment. Is there a way that I could get the logs and related files to you without putting a link on here? I don't think that copy-pasting the entire contents of the logs into a comment would go over well.

Disregard, the previous comment I made reappeared. Frankly, I have no idea what's going on here.


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I somewhat fixed the floating KSC bug by going into WhirligigWorld/KopernicusFiles/0-Kaywell/3-Mesbin/0-Mesbin.cfg, finding the "repositionRadiusOffset" value, and changing it from -20 to -100. The problem is that, unlike on Kerbin, the Mesbin KSC is not on a level plateau, and so elements of the terrain inevitably clip through the KSC. The runway is level with the surface. R&D is 5 meters or so off the ground. 

I have not yet been able to solve the issue regarding stars shining through Mesbin.

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On 11/14/2021 at 12:18 AM, KEY_ABRADE said:

Are there ways to:

(a) stop the KSC from floating above the surface?

(b) stop Kaywell from shining through the world?

a) is not a problem I've experienced. Does it still happen during flight?
b) is a KSP bug, and seems intractable. It happens on Gilly too!

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8 hours ago, Tangle said:

a) is not a problem I've experienced. Does it still happen during flight?
b) is a KSP bug, and seems intractable. It happens on Gilly too!

a): Yes, it still happens during flight. As I said, it's mostly ironed-out, though.

b): Well, let's hope they fix it in KSP 2. Somehow.

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3 hours ago, ArmoredLipid said:

Does this mod remove the Mobile Processing Lab? If so, how can I put it back in?

It shouldn't modify, let alone remove, many parts at all. The only parts I recall it modifying are the Mystery Goo, to rename it in line with the lore; and the Kerbal Atomics nuclear reprocessor, to rename it for a fun little joke.

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1 hour ago, Tangle said:

It shouldn't modify, let alone remove, many parts at all. The only parts I recall it modifying are the Mystery Goo, to rename it in line with the lore; and the Kerbal Atomics nuclear reprocessor, to rename it for a fun little joke.

I've tracked it to a corrupted Stockalike Station Parts Redux file instead. Thanks anyway.

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Major Changes

  • Revamp Gannovar, planet of Gememma. It now has a more unique surface, including new biomes and science definitions.
  • Pragnik Revamp by Exo of MPE fame. New biomes are also included.
  • New body: Dermun, a major subsatellite of Derbin. It is superficially similar to Graymun, but has a few interesting geological properties of its own. It is completely implemented with biomes, science definitions and the same mod compatibility the rest of Whirligig World has.
  • Scatterer support improved.

Physical Changes

  • Moved Derminmus inwards to accomodate Dermun's new orbit.
  • Change composition of Lowel's atmosphere. It had previously used an atomic gas when it should have used a diatomic gas, resulting in an unrealistic scale height and an atmosphere which should have immediately burst into flames.

Minor Changes

  • More science definitions for DMagic Orbital Science and Bluedog Design Bureau.
  • SpaceDust compatibility improved (though still unfinished): Deuterium, Helium-3, incomplete Hydrogen definitions.
  • New biome on 1 Wers.
  • Add a Kronometer setting patch made by Levana with named months.
  • Change displayname of two of Lito's biomes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Rutherford's Sphere of Influence.
  • Fix for Troymin's inverseRotThresholdAltitude, fixing the SOI-egress bug.
  • Remove stock system science definitions for Kerbin and Sun.
  • Fix two biome colors on Graymun.

Visual Changes

  • Jancy terrain pass.
  • Graymun texture pass.
  • Scatterer SecondarySun compatibility for Gememma.
  • New Scatterer lens flares for all stars.
  • Remade all scatterer atmospheres for the recent-ish scatterer update. Planet atmospheres now have (mostly) realistic scale heights. These actually tend to look a little too tall, but that's what we get for using Kerbal Space Program's unrealistic stock scale.
  • New scatterer atmosphere for Derbin.
  • Fix Derbin's clouds being partially transparent from low orbit.
  • Replace all loading screen artworks with new, original artwork.
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I sent a simple little one-way mission to the new Dermun--and stranded D'vana Kerman on the surface. Would have stranded Samanthan Kerman too, but he uh... spaghettified. Kerbals are so fragile when they collide with things at 50 meters per second. :/ So I put together a big rescue mission which was quite fun. The most fun part was that with very minimal planning I was able to make the ship design work well enough to get the job done. After a few hiccups.
Hiccup one: the total launch failure of the U.F.M. Cerritos the totally successful structural test of the uncrewed U.F.M. Rubidoux.









Hiccup two: the structural failure on the U.F.M. Cerritos' first orbital insertion, and the subsequent recovery.




This time it was much better. The weakest link had been the Cerritos bridge module to docking port connection, and with 16 struts holding it together it was no longer a problem. However, that just meant the next weakest link, the docking port itself, was a problem, and when the engines were fired during orbital insertion, the structure collapsed and destroyed the launch boosters and the external tank.




However, the Cerritos lander was mostly undamaged!


The docking port had been sheared off, but otherwise it was almost completely intact!


Cerritos and the rest of the debris, were headed for the Mountains of Doom, so it had to make a normal burn to avoid the peak, and begin landing. The Cerritos lander contains plenty enough delta-v for Mesbin landings.


I usually intentionally avoid the mountains and make my landings in the least interesting parts of Mesbin, so landing in the mountains was a fun change of pace! I even had to make a sideways hop to navigate away from a steep slope and towards a more level depression.


Welcome to Statmun! (not really.)


Counselor Migleemo demonstrates the Victory Lift, which is a much more fun and interesting way of embarking and disembarking than using a ladder.



Beware that excessive arm speeds can smash the chair. There are ladder rungs for emergency use. (But then you must still be careful of excessive speeds, or the kerbal can be flung off.)

The U.F.M. Cerritos was recovered so that a new External Tank and ISRU module and launch vehicle could be prepared for it.

After the second docking port was strutted to the first on and a note was made not to activate launch engines at full throttle with the tanks emptied, the Cerritos was ready for its second launch.




The Cerritos begins its burn towards the volatile-rich minor moon Thresomin.

The Cerritos' launch vehicle is actually overpowered, but its leftover fuel was not used, to ensure that the Cerritos would be able to not just reach Thresomin to refuel, but so that it would be certainly able to return from Thresomin at the end of the mission as well.


Derbin peeks out from behind Kerbmun. (Note that this mission pre-dates the addition of Derbin's scatterer atmosphere, so it'll look different.)


Chief Engineer Andarithio Kerman inspects the docking port and finds everything in order. The struts will be detached when the Cerritos lander undocks, but at low thrust the extra struts won't be needed so much.

IG4FhlO.pngDeparting Mesbin.

A large burn was done prior to Thresomin orbital insertion. You can't wait until you're in the SOI, the relative velocity is too high and the SOI too small.


Arriving at Thresomin.


Coming down for landing in a large crater.


This site isn't quite flat enough. So I use RCS to translate across the surface in search of flatter land. Translational landings are a lot of fun when you can get away with them.


The Cerritos has touched down on Thresomin.

There's a problem, however, when the drills are deployed.


They're too low, and push the hole vehicle off the ground. This isn't a problem on Thresomin, which has the gravity of an ant, but Derminmus has appreciable gravity and the RCS of the Cerritos, the lumbering beast, likely won't be enough to keep it upright. The engineers Samanthan and Andarithio get to work coming up with a solution, meanwhile the drills and ISRU are operated in order to refuel the Cerritos.

P5UwFaD.pngDeparting Thresomin directly into Mesbin orbit.

Some hours later, the Derbin window opens up, and an uncomfortably long 7 minute burn commences.


Thresomin sorta appeared out of nowhere across the frame while doing this burn. We had trailed behind it for the few hours we were waiting, then when the burn started we eventually sped up enough to overtake it. This was somewhat startling. Imagine if we had been lined up just a little worse and rammed right into the thing?


Days later, Cerritos performs a correction maneuver--Derbin's orbit is quite inclined, and it was not  especially well placed.


As the vessel approaches volatile-rich Derminmus, it gets a good Derbin family portrait. Derminmus and Dermun only appear to be similar in size since Dermun is far away and behind Derbin.

Approaching Derminmus.


Once braked into orbit, Andy takes his saw and welding laser to the drills to cut them down to size.


On the left is the raised drill, on the right is the original position of the drill, before it too is raised.


While coming in for a landing in the flats we get an excellent view of Dermun, as well as Mesbin and Kerbmun.


Coming down nice and vertical.

r8YIPYA.pngAnd landed! Derbin and Gememma are visible in the sky.


While on the surface, Captain Carol Kerman and Commander Jack Kerman plant the United Federation of Mesbin flag. Science operations are kept to a minimum.


Jack and Carol ride the victory lift.


Captain Carol discovers that the chair is an ineffective way to use the lift, since you can easily get flung off when you leave the seat.


With Carol back aboard, the Cerritos lifts off again to its destination: Dermun.


Departing Derminmus.


Approaching a backlit Dermun.


Braking into Low Dermun Orbit.


The entire Cerritos, with its mining equipment and external tank, would probably be able to land on Dermun safely. However, since Dermun is terra incognito, we don't know what to expect at the landing site D'vana is stranded at. We may not find level enough terrain, and since D'vana's fresh out of jetpack fuel, she won't be able to travel long distances.



The Dermun Pill lander which brought D'vana to Dermun had originally landed at Lagerdi Mons, a more equatorial site. However, when her crewmate and best friend Samanthan died, having fallen down Lagerdi Rille and spaghettified, she abandoned the original plan and just flew the Dermun Pill north. It didn't have enough fuel for that, so she bailed out and landed near Mare Carenna.


And of course she couldn't just find a nice flat Mare to land on, she had to go and land in Montes Carenna instead, on a peak.


Landing on a slope is still not advised, for Cerritos' legs don't cast a particularly wide base. There are no nice flat depressions, so Bradward puts the ship down close to the peak, where the land starts to level off.


The Cerritos sets down mere meters away from D'vana.


With just a bit of effort, you can find a good landing site anywhere!

Beckett Kerman, one of D'vana's friends, called out to her on comms. The channel was static at first, but then there was a click, and loud music blasted through the comm channel.

"Ah-hah! D'vana! I see you've been keeping busy with Klingon Acid Punk!" Becket said, loudly. There was another click, and the music stopped.


D'vana was nearly sobbing. "You... you came back for me!"

she used her last 0.02 units of monoprop trying to get up to the hatch.


"Hold on, don't worry, we brought something." Samanthan said.

"SAMANTHAN? How can that be you?" D'vana shrieked, as if she'd heard a ghost.

"I'm a clone with all of Samanthan's memories backed up from his brain implant! I mean, you know, obviously not the ones from the Dermun Pill mission, the bandwidth isn't good enough for that. I hope you didn't tell me anything important while we were stuck in that little spacecraft for a couple weeks, hah!"


He descended the Victory Lift.



The other Lower Deckers, Bradward and Beckett, joined them.

Brad and Beckett returned, then Sam and D'vana.



And now the four Lower Deckers are all back on the Cerritos!

The rescue mission is a success so far. Now all that remains is to do some science operations, for D'vana to see Dr. T'ana to get checked out medically, to get grief counseling with Dr. Migleemo, and to do the whole mission in reverse to return to Mesbin.


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Be advised: on Kerbmun start, you may experience some minor cosmetic issues that aren't really the fault of the mod. Kerbmun may appear odd on the start screen and on the first visit to the tracking station or space center, but the latter issue is not present afterward. Likewise, the Distant Objects Enhancement mod is currently not set up to understand how Kopernicus labels bodies and as such DOE will unfortunately not work on Kerbmun start- you're gonna have to resort to only doing astronomy when discs are visible. :P

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Whirligig World seems to be broken. Every time I make a maneuver node, the game breaks. The maneuver turns black and when I select a part no box shows up. Also every time I quick save and reload more side boxes show up?

Mabey is because a homeswaped to Kerbmun?

Link to problem






It also does not stop, not even flying.



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On 6/16/2022 at 3:56 PM, Sky Kerman said:

Whirligig World seems to be broken. Every time I make a maneuver node, the game breaks. The maneuver turns black and when I select a part no box shows up. Also every time I quick save and reload more side boxes show up?

Mabey is because a homeswaped to Kerbmun?

Link to problem






It also does not stop, not even flying.



You appear to have multiple versions of the same mod installed, and I'm not sure where Whirligig World itself is installed.

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