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[1.12.x] Whirligig World Planetary System: An Absurd Homeworld In An Alien Solar System. 0.13.0: Dermun! Ice worlds! Better Scatterer!


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Unless something unforeseen comes up, I'll be releasing Whirligig World 0.10.0 tomorrow.

Due to Breaking Ground compatibility issues, I've had to undo all of the work done to convert the science definitions to use the Scientific Revolution plugin until Thomas can fix it. Since a significant amount of new definitions had been added, that meant doing all of the config rewriting again in reverse. So that took a big two hour chunk of yesterday. Then it took me a very long time to figure out that the patch that switches between Kerbmun and Mesbin science definitions was broken. This means that science definitions will not be compatible with Kerbmun homeworld mode. They will still show up, but the definitions for Kerbmun will show up as those for Mesbin, and Mesbin won't have any definitions, when homeworld is set to Kerbmun. Mesbin homeworld is unaffected.


I have finished rearranging the orbits of the Gememma system.






Ollym orbits Gememma in resonance with Gannovar and gets about as much light as Mars. Mandrake orbits coplanar and twice as far away as it used to, and its moon orbits are preserved. Pragnik has moved up as well. There's also a new body: the minor planet G1 Gallant.

I have taken new pictures and photoshopped them to look bad with some of the finest observatories on Mesbin, of each of the planets in the system. (They will be used on the GitHub wiki as slightly less spoilery alternatives to the existing pictures) Here they are:



Tyepolbynar (with Imterril and Tannor)

Statmun (seen from several kilometers east of the Mesbin Space Center)





Derbin and Derminmus

Valyr and Oshan

Egad and Yeerbor

Reander and Moons

Mandrake and Rutherford and moons.

Gememma system. Starshade blocks out the light of Gememma so that Ammenon and Lowel can be seen.

I have added a new patch to Gememma's starlight, which can be changed in the settings.cfg. You can now choose between Colorful (0.9.1 and earlier colors), ZSPACE, and Compromise. ZSPACE uses the same color model NovaSilisko uses in his work in progress game ZSPACE , which is a much much paler light. Colorful uses the original colors based off a physically accurate temperature/color calculator, and Compromise averages all the color values between the two. The new default is Compromise. Here is the surface color of Gememma in the new model, and the surface of Ammenon as well.




Yes, that dark region on Ammenon is new. ;)

There's also a few new flags since my last update about flags.



Updated "Kermunism," representing the flag of the Southern Socialist States. (There's also a red white and black variant for the Southern Anarchist Communes and a red and yellow version for a more traditional USSR-like flag.) Use for science mode or sandbox mode.


"Kerbitalism" flag has now been updated with colors taken from the USA flag, and simpler design. The flag represents the Mesomesbin States, the country that the space program belongs to. Use for career mode or sandbox mode.


For truly fabulous missions to Graymun, here is the "Gaymun" flag.


This is the flag of the United Mesbin. Note: the blue color of the UN flag was chosen not because Earth is blue, but because blue is roughly opposite of red, the color of war. I went for a more desaturated blue here, replicating the original UN flag. Continents of course have little geographical significance on Mesbin, only geological, given that there are no oceans. Still, it makes a nice graphic. Use this flag for epic grand tours or missions of international significance.


This flag, designed by @Adstri, is the flag of the small sovereign nation of Brendlebury, which has a stake in the space program and has a rich agricultural business. It's a single city-state and one of the only monarchies on Mesbin. There is also a space program variant with the potato on black.

There's a lot of goodies in this update and I don't want to give away everything quite yet, but I'm pretty happy with how things have gone.

The next update after this will be 1.0.

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Something unforeseen did, in fact, come up. I have completely remade Derbin. The planet itself is complete, but I'll need time to make the new biome map and rework the science definitions.

Spoiler for Derbin's surface seen from space:



It now looks more interesting up close, which of course by default you will have to be to appreciate the planet's terrain, since it will be covered by clouds.

New ETA is "probably before the 30th"


Edited by GregroxMun
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This is a pretty chunky release.


  • Fix insolation/luminosity of Gememma and Kaywell.
  • New, paler starlight color for Gememma system.
  • Double the size of Thresomin.
  • Rearranged Gememma system: Ollym now orbits Gememma instead of Lowel, Mandrake is further out.
  • 2 Wolda has been moved to a 9:5 resonant orbit with Shol.
  • New asteroid orbiting Gememma: G1 Gallant.
  • Scaledspace Clouds for Derbin and Imterril. (Optional setting)
  • Oblateness for gas giants (Disabled by default, Optional)
  • 30-ish new flags.
  • Completely new terrain for Kerbmun.
  • Completely new terrain for Derbin.
  • Graymun's shape is now slightly oblate and has rayed craters.
  • Mesbin's colors have been tweaked.
  • Mesbin biome map is slightly more detailed.
  • Dakkonme is renamed to Dakkon, because the former just sounds... wrong.
  • REDACTED in Lowel orbit.
  • Removed science definitions support for Kerbmun (It was causing more trouble than it was worth)
  • Move Statmun and rotate Mesbin so that the sun rises at game start and Statmun is always on the eastern horizon.
  • Principia support.
  • Interstellar Consortium descriptions added, to be enabled when IC is installed.
  • New loading screen art.
  • Support for RationalResources mod and Community Resource Pack.
  • Disable ground scatters on Mesbin.
  • Basic scatterer support, but please don't use it.
  • Shol's initial rotation is now aligned properly.

Full update progress log (which may self-contradict, so be careful reading it) here: https://pastebin.com/py6sJbBq

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0.10.1 patch: https://github.com/GregroxMun/Whirligig-World/releases/tag/0.10.1

* Derbin's fog ramp is now a bit whiter.
* Remove Debug/Export = True from Mesbin, Etrograd, Statmun, Kerbmun, Derbin, and Derminmus; should improve load times a bit.
* Tweak scatterer atmospheres (but still please do not use it)
* Change Derbin scatter material to not be Eve-purple.
* Fix two major syntax typos in the science definitions.

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2 hours ago, [email protected] said:

Does this work with Rss or an equivalent?  I'm on 1.7.3 and installed it correctly, but couldn't 'see' it.

It does not work with RSS.

0.10.1 is, however, completely broken. Here's a hotfix patch!


  • Fix a game breaking bug regarding scatter material on Derbin.
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On ‎7‎/‎24‎/‎2019 at 6:57 PM, GregroxMun said:

Something unforeseen did, in fact, come up. I have completely remade Derbin. The planet itself is complete, but I'll need time to make the new biome map and rework the science definitions.

Spoiler for Derbin's surface seen from space:

  Hide contents


It now looks more interesting up close, which of course by default you will have to be to appreciate the planet's terrain, since it will be covered by clouds.

New ETA is "probably before the 30th"


aww yeah :cool:

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This is a patch for 0.10.0. Please consult the following changelogs as well:

(0.10.2 is a simple hotfix)


  • Change RationalResources Derminmus from SrfRockIce to Minmus settings.
  • Add "Tag = Spared" to all custom PlanetaryResource definitions, so RR doesn't delete them.
  • Update SciRev and re-implement SciRev definitions.
  • Many new science definitions.
  • Re-enabled the BG science definitions configs.
  • Added BG Ion Detector science definitions configs.
  • Add (very approximate) Seismic Energy data to Deployable seismometer.
  • Add SciRev back to GitHub repository.
  • Slightly restructure SciRev reports folder.
  • More science definitions.
  • Basic DMagic Orbital Science support:
    • Add DMagic Orbital Science support to asteroid models by giving them CustomAsteroidData modules.
    • DMagic: Magnetic Scan.
    • DMagic: RPWS Scan.
    • DMagic: Very unfinished Scope Scan.
    • DMagic: Bathymetry Scan.
  • Add missing IC descriptions and names to the Gememma system.
  • Change DOE Imterril color to match Tyepolbynar's, since for some reason it appears brighter than Tyepolbynar from a distance.

For some reason, SpaceDock is holding the update upload at 100% without updating the download, so please only use GitHub for now. Infuriating? Yes. But I am tired, dang it. I'm going to bed.

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I might get back into Whirligig once 1.0 is out. The reason I stopped is because I wanted my Kerbmun base to have a realistic temperature, so I moved it after the update, but then there was another update that messed with the temperature, I think, and I just kinda burned out.

I still need to finish that Typoball mission...

Once 1.0 is out, though I can expect a bit more stability, and I can hopefully continue.

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...


This is a patch for 0.10.0. Please consult the following changelogs as well:

(0.10.2 is a simple hotfix)


  • DMagic Biodrill Scans definitions.
  • Turn back on OnDemand loading in Kopernicus.
  • Convert planet Scaledspace textures to .dds and enable OnDemand loading for planets.
  • Convert all flags to .dds format.
  • Fix Forbidden Ore Contracts, since the contract's name was spelled with a capital N and I assume MM couldn't handle that.
  • Three RSS-scale Kronometer clock configs: RSSMesbin, RSSMesbin-90, and RSSKerbmun.
  • Three new loading screens.
  • Fix incorrect reference to Mesbin in Kerbmun-homeworld descriptions.
  • Remove Rational Resources support.
  • Update extra launch site killer.
  • Scatterer configs now target stock scatterer assets rather than cloning the stock ones and shipping multiple duplicates with WW.
  • Remove scatterer configuration for Lowel.
  • Please do not use Scatterer with WW.
  • Add cacheFile entries to all objects that were missing them.
  • Fix the Oblate Gas Giants settings patch.
  • Change PQS detail settings on Derbin to improve FPS.
  • All transmitter parts now have 2 times the range.
  • Moved all Science Multipliers to a single config to make it easier for mass balancing.
  • Minor rebalancing to reduce science from some of the planetary moons beyond Mesbin. Full rebalance incoming.
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First of all: http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/worldbuilding.php#mesbin I'm on Atomic Rockets! Hurrah!


It means a lot to me that my work is featured here. It was (alongside Inaccessible from Krag's Planet Factory among other things) Atomic Rocket's Worldbuilding section on Mesklin that introduced me to the planet, and made me want to make one in KSP, eventually leading to me getting the book and reading it and making Whirligig World.


With that out of the way...

My plan had been for a while to release 1.0 on October 15th, 2019; which is the two year anniversary of releasing Whirligig World 0.1. It doesn't look like I'm going to make that goal. My goal for 1.0 is for the planets to be essentially finished, no one should have their base destroyed because of a celestial body revamp. And I'd also like to have finished the tech tree and science multipliers.

There's just over 3 weeks until that date has come and gone, but I don't expect I'll quite be ready then. 1.0 shouldn't be a big update--maybe a patch at best. So the next update, which I'd intended to be Patch 0.10.5, will actually be Update 0.11.0. I hope I can at least get that out on October 15th. I expect that, then, to be the final major update to Whirligig World.

Completed in WW 0.11.0 So Far:

  • Tech tree changes: 
    • Aerodynamics subtree is now pushed back one space to the right, so it's all more expensive and gets unlocked later.
    • Aviation node is now separated from Aerodynamics, as in stock, but Aviation is unlocked later than in stock and requires more science.
    • Stayputnik is moved out of Survivability and back to its stock Basic Science category. Kaputnik now has a larger niche as a very-early-game probe core.
    • Survivability node is rebranded as "Safety Equipment."
    • Fix jumbled Community Tech Tree nodes.
  • Planets:
    • Lowel: Low-inclination orbit, 1.3 times larger, completely overhauled terrain, no more equatorial ice belt.
    • Ollym: Moved back to orbit Lowel, tweaked color map to remove ice.
    • Egad: Revamped terrain.
    • Oshan: Completely overhauled terrain.

To-Do for WW 0.11.0:

  • Career/Science:
    • Rebalance science multipliers consistently.
  • Planets:
    • Reduce Lowel's atmospheric pressure significantly.
    • Revamp Dakkon
    • Revamp Totooa
    • Revamp 3 Rik


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(Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/DebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 51)

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at SCANsat.SCAN_Data.SCANdata.get_Anomalies () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  at SCANsat.SCAN_Unity.SCAN_UI_BigMap.mouseOverInfo (Double lon, Double lat) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  at SCANsat.SCAN_Unity.SCAN_UI_BigMap.MapInfo (Vector2 mapPos) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  at SCANsat.Unity.Unity.SCAN_BigMap.Update () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0


is this not compatible with SCANsat? i've never seen this error before

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On 9/27/2019 at 9:22 PM, lunaris69 said:

ok, testing the same mod loadout with your other release, the alternis kerbol rekerjiggered, scansat works in that one, so its just this one for some reason

I may look into ScanSat some time, but I can't guarantee it will be soon or even before WW 1.0.


I found a new orbital instability problem in WW. Well, it's an old one, but I've just found it. Yalthe causes Yokane to have its orbital eccentricity pumped up over many years. It was hard to detect due to the way the osculating keplerian elements seem to wobble around, but I confirmed it with Universe Sandbox testing.

My solution is to make Reander more massive (believe me, I tested a LOT of other possibilities, this one is the only sure-fire way to get it to work). It's going from 0.95 Earth masses to 2.8 Earth masses. (approximately 100 Kerbins to 300 Kerbins) This will invalidate the existing Reander delta-v table and will significantly change any existing missions--make sure to either wait for the WW 0.11 release, or finish any existing Reander missions before updating.


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