[1.7.3] Whirligig World Planetary System: An Absurd Homeworld In An Alien Solar System. 0.11.0 10/14/2019

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Okay I found some bugs when switching the homeworld from Mesbin to Kerbmun (I don't like Mesbin, too challenging for me, a beginner). On startup, it's EXTREMELY bright, can barely see the space center. Fixed when I go into the tracking station and exit. And secondly, timewarp works when I'm viewing the space center, but it never turns night into day, or day into night. And when I look at the tracking station, the location place marker for the KSP shakes a little, and only there does timewarp switch night to day and day to night.

Anything I can do to fix these issues?

I have Scatterer (and only that) installed alongside what's required for Whirligig World.

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Welcome to 0.11 "Beta," the last Work-In-Progress version of WW.

  • Tech Tree Changes:
    • Revert Stayputnik Probe Core back to stock tech tree location.
    • Move MH Size 1.5 Tall Tank to Advanced Rocketry and Size 1.5 Half Tank and Soyuz Tank to Fuel Systems.
    • Fix position of Advanced Motors Tech node so that it is no longer colliding with Scanning Tech node.
    • Split Aviation and Aerodynamics back into separate Tech Nodes.
    • Move all the Aerospace subtree nodes one space to the right, increasing their science value and pushing them to later in the game compared to stock.
    • Retitle "Survivability" to "Safety Equipment."
    • New descriptions for some Tech Nodes.
    • Community Tech Tree compatibility is preserved and improved.
    • Move surface mount basic antenna to survivability.
  • Remove Part Test contracts when Mesbin is the homeworld since they would often ask you to go to nearly inaccessible parts of Mesbin's atmosphere.
  • Planets:
    • Lowel has been made 1.3 times wider and about twice as heavy.
    • Ollym has been moved back into orbit around Lowel.
    • Lowel's inclination was reduced from 67.3 degrees to 1.92 degrees to make it nearly coplanar with Ammenon and Gannovar, thus removing its axial tilt. Its orbital Semimajoraxis was reduced from 0.047 kAU to 0.040 kAU.
    • Completely redesigned Lowel's Heightmap, terrain, textures, and biomes.
    • Lowel's atmosphere is now reduced to be a significantly lower pressure and new composition.
    • Fixed Rik's SOI (which had been limited to just a few km as a holdover from when it was a moon of Valyr)
    • Completely revamp Rik. New heightmap, colormap, and biome map. It's also about twice the size.
    • Tweaked terrain noise on Totooa.
    • Tweak Ollym's terrain colors and PQS noise.
    • New heightmap, terrain, biomes, and textures for Oshan.
    • New heightmap, terrain, biomes, and textures for Egad.
    • New terrain details on Dakkon.
    • Changes to Gannovar's PQS Material.
    • Change the orbit of Gannovar to put it into a 3:1 resonance with Lowel.
    • Increase Mandrake's eccentricity, keeping its periapsis constant.
    • Troymin and Kerbmun now have the exact same Semimajoraxis (to fix Troymin wandering when playing with Kerbmun homeworld enabled)
    • Increase the mass of Reander from about 100 Kerbin masses to 300 Kerbin masses.
    • Move all of Reander's moons outward by a factor of 1.31.
  • Science:
    • Science definitions (and planet descriptions, among other "lore" texts) have been changed to mirror the changes made to planets in this update, along with other miscellaneous changes.
    • Science multipliers for all of the planets have been rebalanced completely. There's more science in WW overall compared to the stock system, but each individual planet is worth about half as much science as its stock counterparts. Thus, more of the system will have to be explored in order to unlock the full tech tree.
  • Ban ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads' MetalOre from certain icy worlds, as well as Thresomin and Troymin, increase MetalOre on Statmun.
  • Enabled loading screens made by Pythania that had previously not been working. Deleted all non-pythania loading screen images.
  • Modify colors used on the Lowel Flag.
  • Tweaks to A.R.M. Asteroid Spawning:
    • Move all Gememma asteroid belts to actually orbit Gememma instead of erroneously spawning around Kaywell/"Sun."
    • Redefine orbits of asteroids spawning around objects that have been moved.
    • Replace Trans-Lowel Objects with "Gannovoids"
  • Enable a secret around Lowel...

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At about 1:00PM MST (3:00PM EDT, 7:00PM GMT), @Shamash and I will be live on Shamash_D's twitch channel to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Whirligig World and the release of WW 0.11.0.


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Hanging out in Whirligig World.

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I'll be making a relatively small patch with a pretty enormous gameplay change soon.

Turns out two years and 9 days ago, when I created Kaywell, I made a mistake. Kaywell's nowhere near as luminous as it should be for its mass.

I am really kicking myself for not noticing that before, and it was only a comment (on a reddit post announcing the 0.11 update no less! You know, the "hey I'm almost done" update. The one that I intended to not make any major changes to.) by a skeptical redditor /u/OctupleCompressedCAT that brought this oversight to my attention. OctupleCompressedCAT, if you're reading this: screw you and more importantly, thank you. I could have gone on my merry way never knowing the massive realism flaw hiding right under my nose, but now at least can fix the problem.

Basically I don't want to move Gememma too far away, I like the current brightness as a dim night-light and bright star everpresent in the sky. But if I make Kaywell more luminous, I'll have to move every planet's orbit outwards. This will push Reander firmly into the realm of Gememma's sphere of influence.

Similarly if I keep the current orbits the same but reduce Kaywell's mass to make its current luminosity reasonable, the mass ratio between the star and all the planets will change, which means not only might there be instabilities in the planets that weren't there before, Gememma will also have more of a gravitational influence on Reander and again, Reander will be made unstable.

Now I may be able to fiddle with compromises between lowering the mass, raising the luminosity, and moving Gememma. But I am leaning towards a solution that pretty wildly changes the nature of the system. I could move Reander to orbit Gememma.

If I do so it would orbit in the gap between Gallant and Mandrake, and likely tides from Gememma might tear Yawer off, so I might need to find a new orbit for it. There's something so... wrong about moving Reander after all this time, I mean after all, it was in the very first release of Whirligig World! Though there isn't really anything fundamentally Kaywellian about the system.

No matter what I do (unless I decide to suck it up and let Kaywell be unrealistic) there will be significant changes to gameplay, delta-v, and transfer times for anyone beyond the Mesbin system. If you're staying in the Mesbin system you might not notice much of a difference, though. So either finish your interplanetary missions before updating, or wait until the update to launch them.

I'm really curious on the thoughts of my players regarding these changes. Let me know here on the forum, or discuss in more detail on my discord server.

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I have uh... I've decided not to change Kaywell after all. Whirligig World 2 is gonna be a thing someday (in KSP2), and when that comes, Kaywell and Gememma will likely be very different.

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On 11/6/2019 at 10:52 PM, zit said:

will this work on 1.8? i'm interested

Kopernicus has not been updated for 1.8 yet.

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