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Naval Battles

(Plus vessel research and development, design and prototyping)


This is a relatively old thread, and can be considered as the counterpart to the Air Superiority Fighter Competition, only less competitive and with wet navy ships. (For vacuum-based ships, go to the Naval Battle Club).

This thread focuses more on casual battles as opposed to strict competition and cutthroat tactics (cough cough @Eidahlil's Pike cOuGh cOuGH) and was recently (as of mid-December, 2018) expanded to encompass the sharing of design tips, hull ideas, and general discussion of ship design.

Battles are strongly recommended to be carried out with BD Armory, as other weapons mods may be less popular or standardized. Usage of Vessel Mover is recommended in order to position ships and move assets during battle setups. Tweakscale is optional, and can be used to create larger craft such as aircraft carriers or amphibious assault ships. The usage of the mod is not recommended for non-capital ships, however.



Design Rules: There are none. Try to keep vessel designs realistic though, and avoid making floating death barges with little resemblance to ships but that feature cannons as half of their part counts (such types of ships are fun to pit against multiple others though, so it's not frowned upon unless every single one of your designs is a death barge). Editing engine and weaponry values outside of what is allowed in the vanilla game and official mod's limitations is not allowed during battles.

Battle Rules: Battles can be hosted by anyone who has permission to use the ships involved (yes, you should ask the creators of the ships before using them in a battle). The battles do not have to be recorded via video (though they're always more enjoyable that way) but they should involve some form of evidence. Screenshots are recommended, but text-only accounts are equally acceptable, if not as ideal.

All enemy ships involved in battles must be piloted by AI, with guard mode enabled. Ships on the host's team may be controlled by the host.

Due to the nature of BDA weaponry.....

Values within weapon managers can be edited with impunity (within the boundaries of the stock mod, that is) such that they reflect the nature of the ship they belong to. Starting distances (the distance between the opposing vessels) should be slightly higher than the effective range of the weapons possessed by the warships involved.

For example: Cruise missiles have ranges of 40 km, and so battles featuring vessels with them should initiate with the opposing teams 40-45 km apart. Abrams cannons can begin to fire from 8 km, and in such ships, setups should have 8-10 km of distance between the lines of battle. And so forth.

Rules regarding damage multipliers and armor values are being worked on.


Fleets & Ships

[A list of notable ships seen within this thread, complete with download links and screenshots. WIP]




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****NOTICE This vessel has been dubbed not seaworthy and has been scrapped. Testing has begun on various other vessels (see my next post)****



Tomorrow my time i will have an entry to try against @Earthlinger, i still have some tests to run and but it will be ready by tomorrow my time.

teaser pic:


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Semi-teaser pic of it being rammed in the flank (middle) by a smaller ship:


The armour evidently needs some work....

Ramming it head-on:


Minor damage. Only a few wing parts were broken, but the structural plates underneath were untouched

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21 minutes ago, Im The One said:

So i have run into an issue of not being able to deploy my ship off the coast of KSC (using hyper edit) what are the coordinates that you guys use to start your vessels off?

I suggest you use vessel mover, it's a lot easier to use on surface craft. Hyper edit is better for things like orbits and stuff.

Addressing your question though, you can just deploy the two ships wherever you want, as long as it's in water.

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2 minutes ago, Earthlinger said:

Btw, when I start KSP, the BD Armory tab is nowhere to be found, either in the VAB or the SPH. I have to merge previously-built warships in order to get the parts I need. Does anyone else have this problem?

I have not had that probelm.

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On 10/29/2017 at 7:50 AM, Im The One said:

So i have run into an issue of not being able to deploy my ship off the coast of KSC (using hyper edit) what are the coordinates that you guys use to start your vessels off?

I just use a few wheels and decopulers, and drive into the ocean using the engines on the ship.. Can be a bit finicky, and will more often then not blow the ship up, (ahem, behemoth- class gun barge [A huge barge covered with guns and nukes from NKD, and a few hover craft style,fans on the back], but still works..

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Explaining the behemoth
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I have an idea for when (or if) more people start participating: We could expand on the challenge and make three tiers of badges/flags for accomplishments.

- One for defeating a ship that is three times more powerful than yours. (The average will be calculated out of the number of parts, guns/cannons, and weight)

- One for defeating five ships in total (though not necessarily in a row) that all have a higher part count

- And one for taking on three ships in the same battle. (The enemy ships would have to be at least the same size in terms of part count and mass, but not gun count)

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@Earthlinger is there a size limit [i know about the part limit] in place and is there a engine type restriction? I have a few but they are all pretty big, like my 1:1 scale Yamato and USS Arizona just depends if I can pull them off the old hard drive. If not I'm still gonna enter :wink:

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More referring to meters than parts
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