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[WIP] [1.3.1] DoubleDouble (DD) (v1.1) (Abandoned)

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Hello KSP players, here is an interesting mod that adds several star systems, some of which are binary pairs. :D

Pictures :





Hum nice picture!


Frono surface


Hum very nice picture!!


New adventure?


SUN GLASS PLZ!! :cool:

Videos :


Create by @Kottabos :D

Project(s) :


Legends : 

  • (Not Completed) = Not yet started
  • (Pre-Progressing) = I am not often on his
  • (Progressing) = I am currently doing
  • (Pre-Completed) = It's almost finished
  • (Completed) = it's done!
  • (Abandoned) = I have abandon
  • (Error) = I am not able to solve it!

Star(s) Systems  :

Downloads :

Source :

Wiki :

Depends mods :

  • Kopernicus by @Thomas P., This mod is the core to manage stars, planets and moons.
  • ModularFlightIntegrator by @sarbian, This mod allows multiples mods to override or insert code into various call of the stock FlightIntegrator.
  • ModuleManager by @sarbianThis mod that allows you to write a patch file that modifies another part at the time of loading.

Recommends mods :

Suggestions mods :

Compatibles (API) mods :

  • SigmaBinary by @Sigma88, This mod will let you turn custom and/or stock bodies into binary systems.

Changelogs :



Futur Release v1.3 :

  • No information

Futur Beta-release v1.2.1 :

  • No information

Futur Beta-release v1.2 :

  • The third version
  • This version adds, a new solar system, new textures, new planets/moons, apis, parts, KSPedia, Bugfix and mores!

Pre-release v1.1 :

  • The second version
  • This version adds, a new solar system, new textures, new planets/moons, api (SigmaBinary) and much mores!

Pre-release v1.0 : 

  • The first version

Legends : 

  • (Pre-release) = A pre-made version
  • (Beta-release) = An almost finished version
  • (Release) = A version of the mod that is complete
  • (Futur Pre-release) = A pre-made version but which has not yet been released!
  • (Futur Beta-release) = An almost finished version but which has not yet been released!
  • (Futur Release) A version of the mod that is complete but which has not yet been released!

Special thanks :


Teams :


Legends :

  • (Contributor) = A person who helps us
  • (Co-Owner) = Second-Founder
  • (Owner) = Founder

Chats :

  • Discord My server!
  • Discord DoubleDouble

Donate :

  • Patreon (Can I have a coffee?)

Others :




  1. Download the latest version of Kopernicus which can be found here
  2. Put the mods files in the GameData folder
  3. Start the game (KSP)
  4. Have fun :)

And if you have a suggestion or find bugs or errors, contact us ([email protected] or make a private message in the forum of KSP or otherwise) Thank you very much!

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One thing I'd like to say is that this will probably work with GPP, GPO, Before Kerbin, After Kerbin, and everything else. Even mods that replace the sun with a black hole will work.

Two, for sure, that won't:

Kounter-Kerbin (if it's released)- contains Nibrek, Num

Kerbfleet planet pack- contains Num

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2 hours ago, wenth said:

Probably a dum question. are the new worlds compatible with community resources and stock ore generation?

Probably not. This is a fairly new mod, so i'm not 100% sure if all the planets are CRP integrated. By default however, all planets have at least some ore, even if they're modded.

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