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Hi all,

Whilst I really like IFILS for its total simplicity, I would like to add in a possible 'extension' mechanic for it.

What I am looking for is a plugin that has the ability to generate a resource (or multiple resources) specified by a cfg file.  The amount and name of the resource(s) would be generated per kerbal in a craft, would begin at launch.

Kind of a IFILS in reverse I guess but without the ability to kill any kerbal as excess resources would be dumped overboard.  Simple life support mods such as CLLS or IFILS could then be extended by modders.  I don't think it would need a GUI - it would be something that just sat in the background doing its thing.

Another way of thinking about it would be to consider kerbals being little RTGs, producing a different resource to electricity (hopefully specifiable).

Would anyone please be able to create this for me , or point me in the right direction to a mod that already does this?  I've tried fudging this using the ModuleResourceConverter/Harvester/ Generator but can't get it to work in a meaningful way.

Thanks, and thanks @linuxgurugamer and thanks @-MM- for ensuring that the simple LS mods are awesome!


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Does this actually need a plugin? It sounds like it can be done totally stock. (Well, via Module Manager patching of stock parts, anyway.)

You'll need to write several configs:
1.) define the resource you want to generate
2.) patch all crewed parts to include storage of this resource, starting empty
3.) patch all crewed parts to include a resource generator that produces your resource out of electric charge. If life support costing EC is not desired, the EC cost can be made absurdly small so it won't ever register. The GUI button for this generator should be labeled "start life support".

You now have what you're looking for, without the need for any plugin coding.

The caveats of doing it this way:
- You need to manually start the generator in each crewed part before launch
- The generator will produce at a fixed rate, probably tuned for the part's maximum crew capacity, regardless of how many Kerbals are actually inside
- If you ever run out of EC, production will be suspended

If those are a dealbreaker, it can at least serve as a proof of concept to test if it actually ends up playing like you think it would. Not all good ideas translate into good gameplay. :wink: 

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Thanks @Streetwind I have given this a go with ModuleResourceConverter and by manipulating kerbal traits to utilise with it. I created a LifeWaste resource, added a LifeWasteGenerator trait to kerbals and created a Converter to pods.  They did indeed start manually.

Ideally it would generate a resource regardless of experience level of each kerbal, would scale for only the number of kerbals currently in the part (like 1 of 3) and stop when a kerbal leaves a part or the ship.  

At the moment I can't get it to work like that :/ and the Stock Modules I don't think are capable of achieving it.  I am happy to be wrong if someone can point me in the right direction!

Stopping and starting manually isn't ideal I don't think.

So any hints or configs that people would know of? Peace.

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