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Colonel Cbplayer

Zettai Ryouiki VTOL hovercar Hybrid [STOCK]

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 Zettai ryōiki (絶対領域, lit. "absolute territory")

One Morning I woke up and felt like creating the coolest car I ever made. 
So I did


Lately, in the forums and in KerbalX there seem to be a crazed with realistic looking jet-power racecars elaborately constructed out wings and fuel cells stock parts, each made with hundreds of parts carefully placed and rotated in such a way that it resembles an artist forming his vision with delicate strokes of a paintbrush on a canvas. Except the vision of these artists were to create vehicles capable of outperforming one another, either in looks or in some sort of lap time or even both. What seems like a fad in a minor sect of the KSP community soon turn into a (somewhat) fierce but ultimately healthy competition. What a handful of dedicated builders did was greatly advanced the way cars should look and handle, with new designs and techniques to conquer the road. There was a flavor to each car, a distinct telltale style that makes it easy to tell which car was built by which person. With every new uploaded craft that somebody shared with the world was one that tried to outdo the one uploaded just before, each car you could see the work and soul put in it to be the very best.

I used to believe that one of the weakest aspects about KSP was the rovers. Rovers were by far my least favorite thing to build and use ever since wheels were added to the game. Rover wheels were slow, they had to be slow else they would either pop on the slightest bumps and cracks or flip out the entire vehicle when making any turn above 20 m/s unless you abused some ridiculous looking exploit. I was a kid who grew up on racing video games~I have a natural craving for speed. All the rovers felt like driving Reliant Robins with skis instead of wheels,  going downhill in a sand dune while it is raining. It is just not fun for me to drive a car that doesn't look like a car, doesn't feel like driving a car, and there aren't any streets in Kerbin to drive them on. Car building was something I consider obsolete and never was part of my focus. It was something I did not understand, did not care, and did not try. It wasn't until the newer updates like 1.2.1 were the more refined physics allow for greater building. This is why I found all the new types of cars that people were building recently to be so interesting. Cars that look and drive like cars should - It was thrilling. A new unknown side of this game reveals itself to me like exploring the dark side of the mun for the first time. I grabbed the hand offered to me and wanted to see what I can do myself. I too wanted to try to the very best myself.

People have told that this car is unique in the way that it looks, that it is different in design from the others, but I disagree on a personal level. To me, this car was built with somebody who holds on to old ideas and designs rather use the new techniques. If you ask me in 2015 at version 1.0.5 of the game to build a car it would look identical, down to the decision of foreboding rover wheels with aircraft landing gear instead and the placement of the Juno engines and the nosecones would be the same. It would look and handle just the car you see now. I don’t feel like I truly did create a car that feels new, that uses the newer building styles, a craft that doesn't hold up with the craft of the artisans before me. I fail my job to evolve with the community. To call it unique feels like a cruel joke because it is like saying I am the only one who builds kerbal cars like this anymore. I feel outdated, however, I do find the idea of being an artifact also charming. 

Why am I writing this before the post? I personally do not know. Maybe I wanted to find meaning and fulfillment by concentrating my thoughts into the screen. Maybe I just wanted to share what goes through my mind at least in theory, because when you can make others understand you, you can understand yourself better.

Nah dude I'm just talking out of my ass the entire page. I just wanted to build a cool car.
What Do you expect some funny text here? I just want people to download my car

Special mentions to @he_162 for getting me into kerbal cars and @azimech for probably single-handedly making cars in KSP better in general and special mentions to @LABindustries who started track times and races that made everything more competitive. Bless to anyone who I forgot to mention.

Did you just watch Bladerunner for the 8th time? Do you have an Itch that can only be scratched by a futuristic hovercar that can rule both the air and the land? Boy do I have the car just for you!
Boring details:
[Type]: SPH. [Class]: rover. [Crew]: two (2) member inside isolated cockpits, can be operated unmanned with two probecores, one (1) probecore cube at root part of the vehicle and one (1) probecore flat facing upwards for VTOL controls located on the roof. [Powerplant]: four (4) Juno turbofan jet engines and a single (1) thrust vectoring afterburning panther turbofan jet engine for horizontal Thrust two (2) panther engines in S version), twelve (12) Juno turbofan jet engines divided in four (4) groups in subsets of three (3) located at the four (4) tire like nacelles and two (2) thrust vectoring afterburning panther turbofan jet engines located centerline radially from CoG. [Ground platform]: four (4) medium size aircraft grade landing gear and four (4) small size aircraft grade landing gear used for grounded driving and maneuvering. Settings depend on version. [Controlled]: four (4) large size reaction wheels, two (2) small control surfaces for yawing, three to four (3-4) thrust vectoring engines, eight (8) aircraft landing gear steering, four (4) airbrakes. : 5.36 x 2.8 x 8.78. [Role]: VTOL flying and driving in atmospheric bodies.
From Left to Right, Grade B, Grade A, Grade S

It is actually three slightly different versions of the same car this time. They differ in appearance and handling. It uses a Grade based naming system but no car is really much better or worse than the other. 

There was suppose to be an ablum here but it just failed to embed repeatly so here is a direct link and the first 4 pictures.


The difference is as follows:
Grade A is the standard model version and Grade B and S are derivatives. 
Grade B sheds weight and drag by exposing most of the bodywork giving it unparalleled agility in the air and has the best VTOL
Grade S has two panther engines instead of 1 for horizontal thrust making it the fastest version of the car on the ground. Has more weight and higher part count.  




hB7bAwf.pngGrade A details    Class Rover    Type SPH    Mass 28.18t    Cost 110,743.0    No. of Stages 1                        Crew Capacity 2    Part Count 175    No. of Struts 0    Root Part probeCoreCube    Built in KSP 1.3.0    Size 5.36 x 2.8 x 8.78

1vpc63w.pngGrade B details    Class Rover    Type SPH    Mass 26.3t    Cost 98,143.0    No. of Stages 2                    Crew Capacity 2    Part Count 151    No. of Struts 0     Root Part probeCoreCube    Built in KSP 1.3.0    Size 5.36 x 2.8 x 8.49

nQ7Y3bl.pngGrade S details    Class Rover    Type SPH    Mass 30.72t    Cost 122,743.0     No. of Stages 2                Crew Capacity 2    Part Count 202    No. of Struts 0    Root Part probeCoreCube    Built in KSP 1.3.0     Size 5.36 x 2.8 x 8.79


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Well's very Akira

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Those are some amazing craft! I can tell from how you described the small but impressive world that is KSP cars that you truly understand the passion that goes into these creations. :) 

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