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This is the Discussion Thread for the Skunk Works Release.


Now Available



This set is a set of Several ships, all are completely flyable and break all the laws of physics.

there are the following craft in this file.

A wing, B wing, Y Wing, X wing, X34 Land Speeder, Tie Fighter, and a YT 1300 Millennium Falcon.

Follow the instructions. and have fun.


Leave questions and comments here.



https://spacedock.info/mod/1570/STAR WARS Set 1

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I've just flown all the craft in the mod and I have to say I am greatly impressed with this mod! The detail and abilities of the ships are outstanding, but I have some trouble with the B-Wing's cockpit since it swings and the gimbal stays the same, but it's no big deal. I hope we can see new ships and fighters later on like those of the TIE Series so the Fighter isn't the only one, U-Wing, T70 X-Wing from the Sequel Trilogy, the Ghost, shuttles, and the GR-5 Medium Transport among others

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1 hour ago, thewisekid said:

I myself prefer the republic battleships but I digress 

Any chance you might thinking about the AT-AT 

Oddly enough yes I am working on the AT-AT and scout variety. Watching films on Dromedary walking to animate and make it walk. Very detailed animations.

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Perfect, I have one suggestion: How about a separate piece with the vertical take-off / landing system, to include in any other spacecraft like the A-Wing or B-Wing Bomber. No craft entirely manufactured in the KSP is capable of performing a perfect takeoff such as those ships. This capability was by far the best thing I could observe, first of all congratulations, the design is very real, although the shooting capabilities of some models do not work, there is no problem because BDArmory does work. Suggestion number two: Is there any possibility of making a version where we could put our own BDArmory weapons ourselves? For it would be incredibly more real, of course if so, it would be good if the textual description specifies the type of weapon indicated and the weight indicated so as not to destabilize the ship. No more, Unbelievable, your mod is amazing, congratulations once again. =)

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