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[1.11.x] Tundra Exploration - v4.1.0 (April 17th) - (Re)Stockalike SpaceX Falcon 9, Crew Dragon and Starship!

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3 hours ago, SpaceMouse said:

I can't imagine that would really make a huge difference in game. I think there's plenty of aircraft that do that anyway already. You could probably do it with a plugin or something if you REALLY wanted to.

If it isn't possible, you still can compensate by adding reaction wheel authority to force the bottom of the rocket down for landing.

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Just now, RealKerbal3x said:

That's amazing! Someday I'll make a part mod too.

Will an IVA be a thing? Or will we have to wait longer for that?

Depends, I will probably put everything on GitHub so you guys can test while I make the IVA.

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37 minutes ago, infinite_monkey said:

I can't wait :D Will it be savegame-breaking or will it be new models besides the old ones?

No save breaking, but you will not be able to select the old parts in the vab. Old crafts still work but will probably break in a distant future update, so better to land them back and upgrade haha

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19 minutes ago, SpaceMouse said:

Did SpaceX mention how there powering it? Looks like there huge solar panels will have to change.


1 minute ago, StevieC said:

Me-thinks the precise nature of the new craft's solar panels (such as their position on the vehicle and their exact deployment/retraction pattern) have yet to be revealed.


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25 minutes ago, rib3irojr said:

Oh god, it's so much beautiful. Will you publish with real colors, or in Tundra style?

They even made the solar arrays look like the Japanese fan things. A real spaceship is a proper sci-fi spaceship. :D

It just needs a reactor and electric thrusters.

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I doubt the gigantic front windows will be in the final version, but damn, this looks gorgeous! You only need to put them high enough so they don't get destroyed by the other ship's fins when refuelling. Or will the fins be the docking parts?


Will you make your own solar panels this time, @damonvv? I keep burning up the ones from NFS during reentry :D They need to retract into the vessel somehow.

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6 hours ago, Starwaster said:


Are the fins actually integrated into the model or are they separate parts? I would think making it all one part would make it impossible for the fins to be independently controlled...

Bfs consists of a command pod, fuel tank, engine fairing? The back part with integrated wing “holders” for the design flow, and 3 different wings for each side!

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