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[1.12.x] Tundra Exploration - v6.1.0 (November 3rd) - (Re)Stockalike SpaceX Falcon 9 & (Crew) Dragon (XL)


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53 minutes ago, TM31D2475 said:

Does the Gjr2 solar array even here?

Or is it a part of NF Solar? Because I saw the array as a part of the OKEB line of NFS

They are part of NFS!

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4 hours ago, feluxution said:

When i decouple the trunk from Rodan, the rodan spins arround exremly fast, so fast that the Heatshield flew away and i can´t get the spinning under control with RFS and SAS. pls help

I need a bit more details.. I have never experienced this before. What's RFS?
A video might help me understand this a little bit

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45 minutes ago, feluxution said:

ok i fixed the problem, but i have another problem, too. how do i can decouple the trunk from the 2. Stage without decoupler, without decoupler i only can detach rodan from trunk and the trunk is still coupled to the 2. stage

You need a decoupler between 2. stage and trunk. The trunk itself works as an decoupler for the rodan-pod.

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7 hours ago, feluxution said:

i can´t get the big screens in ROdan, i installed the required mod (and the required mods for these mod, too) but they doesn´t appear in Rodan.

The first page mentions that you need the MAS Interactive IVA for the dragon screens and that page says you need the ASET Props Pack. Here's the links...


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