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What's the weirdest thing that happened to you while playing


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7 hours ago, luizopiloto said:

I think the kraken was trying to bomb you and missed XD.



The strangest thing I've had happen is when I was trying to land a craft on minimus and was promptly was attacked by the kraken :(. Entire craft just shattered into multiple pieces and then it rained down on the surface. According to the mission log apparently I accidently clipped a decoupler into the ship, which caused structural failures on all the parts when I hit stage.

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Gotta be the Hell Kraken. I think it was back in 0.23 I landed on Mun, Bob got out, and the moment his foot touched the ground everything but the GUI went black and the altimeter spun up to 6666666666. Then the game crashed.

When I reloaded it, the tracking station helpfully told me that Bob and the ship were both safely landed. On the Sun.

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I'd have to say it was having an EVA Kerbal's hair parted by passing expended booster from a launch years previously.  The odds of that happening are next to nothing.  The odds of it almost happening but instead ending tragically, were a bit higher but still vanishingly small.  Compared to this sort of thing, being spaghettified, being thrown further from Kerbin than the size oft he known universe at a gazillion times the speed of light, or whatever other mundane Kraken-type thing you care to mention, are just run of the mill.

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The Kopernicus mod counts planets by the order which you'd tab to them if you start out focused on the sun. This leads to interesting things happening if you add a new planet to the system, such as spacecraft in a high orbit around Sonnah (a gas giant) being suddenly teleported to the same orbit around Asclepius (a smallish terrestrial planet), and because their semi-major axes were far above Asclepius's sphere of influence the space probes ended up instantaneously in solar orbits upon loading the game.

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Weird? OK... hmmmmm.... I've seen some strange bugs and such... but in terms of pure weirdness, it would have to be the floating boulders.

Floating boulders are a minor bug that I hope the Devs never, ever fix. Quite simply, the boulder doesn't line up quite right with the ground, and appears to float a few meters off the ground:


Anyone who hasn't read it, I use these a lot in Emiko Station... they're quite important, in fact... which again is why I hope the Dev's never fix it. What's weird is how often I'm finding them lately... and how many times they're right where I need one.

For example... my last chapter, I set up a blast area using a moon from the Outer Planets mod... I found a small crater in a beautiful spot on a moon called Slate...dropped a rover down into it to to a quick check... and there, right in the middle of the crater, was a huge floating boulder... right were I was planning on setting up my screenshots!


I'm tellin' ya... it's very weird, like the game is giving them to me... and I hope it doesn't stop... :) 


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One of the freakiest things that has happened for me was when I landed a large(ish) rocket on the runway island as part of a challenge.

The vehicle was identical to this one, except it was sitting on the runway instead of the control tower (I'd missed it and landing on it was part of the challenge).


After landing I decided to take its pilot for a little run around after their hop from the KSC, but a few seconds after leaving the vehicle I noticed that it was no longer sitting on the ground, but instead was a couple of metres above it and slowly drifting up at about 0.5m/s.

After watching the thing eerily ascend until it must have been about 100-200m up I loaded the last save that I had before the launch.

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