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Hello All!!!

I've been working on this mod on and off for about two months now, and I finally got myself to finish it. Dwarf Planets Plus is a mod that (absolutely definitely was not meant to shut up the vesta-lovers and) adds in five extra dwarf planets to the solar system! If you've ever felt that Eeloo and Dres didn't represent Centaur, KBO, and Asteroid Belt objects well, this mod is for you. DPP was meant to be a supplemental mod, meaning that it is designed to work with most planet packs created by the community (including my own mods). Note that the mod currently does not work if you are also using Kerbal Star Systems.

If you have any suggestions for future updates, leave them here.

Here are some shots of the five objects currently in the mod (more will be inserted in future updates).

Here is the link to download:

Features for the next update:

        1: Dwarf Moons (asteroid like moons)

        2: Eris analog with

        3: Improved Biome Maps

        4: Compatibility improvements (to make the mod playable with GPP and KSS, for example)

        5: Research Bodies support (maybe)

        eve support will come after update 2. don't ask for it.

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can we get a pic of the orbits as well? Interested to see where these all reside in the system

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You can try to make an album out of 'em, then you can edit the album when you want to add or update photos, so we don't need to mouse mashing on link lol

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A suggestion to help with making this mod a bit lighter. 

On 1/8/2016 at 1:36 PM, The White Guardian said:

But, there is one more, simple thing you can do to make your pack over 1000 times better!

How, you might ask. The answer is simple: Kopernicus has an incredible feature called OnDemandLoading: it will only load the textures of planets nearby, so if you would be orbiting Duna for instance, it would only load the textures of Duna and Ike, and won't load the others, such as Moho, Dres, and Jool.

This saves a lot of memory! But, in order to make it work with your pack, there are two things that you must do:

- All textures must be stored in a folder called 'PluginData'. There can be multiple PluginData folders, but as long as all textures are saved in a folder called PluginData, you're good.

- All texture formats must be specified. This step is easy: at the end of every 'texture-filepath', add what format it is: .dds, .png, .jpg, etc.

And done! You are now using OnDemandLoading, which means that everyone using your pack will experience exploration with memory optimized.

And done! Again, make sure everything is closed off properly. I will soon write another tutorial on how to export your maps correctly through GIMP as well as more advanced Kopernicus stuff: procedural planets (heightmapless planets) and biomes. I hope this guide helped. If so, please let me know.

You do need to enable with a config below.

    useOnDemand = True
    useManualMemoryManagement = True

Nice little planets pack, look forward to your updates.

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