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Mods profile ?


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Hello everyone, I've been wondering if there is such thing as a program that would allow me to switch between different profiles which would contain different mods.

I am currently trying to show my father the game but I don't want to overwhelm him with the plethora of mods I'm using.  I also don't want to c/c all the mods folder every time one of us want to play.

What I'm thinking about is something close to Mod Organizer for Skyrim. Any suggestion ?

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@TheDuck700, depends on how much installs/profiles you need. :) 
A stock install is 2.5GB-3.0GB? My current install with mods is 7gb if I recall it right, and that's with 4k textures etc. 
it's not like GTA 5 that you're coping 55gb. :)  

To explain why this is not possible in KSP, is that skyrim has it's build in mod support, where it can deside to ignore mod packs and files. KSP just loads up everything what is in it's gamedata folder. So it would require an extra script I think where CKAN can function as mod manager. 
Nonetheless, it's quite a good suggestion 

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ckan gets you most of the way there. It lets you easily add and remove mods, and will export the list of currently installed mods as a metapackage, which can be thought of as a profile. Loading that metapackage will install all of the dependencies in one click.

The only thing it doesn't do is let you switch between them easily. You'd have to remove all of the mods from one profile individually through ckan, before loading the next one.

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