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[1.9.x] Textures Unlimited - PBR-Shader, Texture Set, and Model Loading API

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Hello community. I've noticed that a few colored metals are not present in the configuration files. Here are my very humble suggestions.

  • Copper (appliable to Poodle's nozzles) 
  • Rust (kinda metal)

In ColorPresets.cfg that would be

    name = copper
    title = Copper Metallic
    color = 190, 85, 50
    specular = 176
    metallic = 255


    name = Metallics
    color = brass
    color = bronze
    color = gold
    color = platinum
    color = silver
    color = steel
    color = copper

For Rust I have an issue because I can't find the Detail% identifier in the cfg file. I've tried with detail, no success. Rust would be

    name = rust
    title = Rust Metallic
    color = 171, 71, 0
    specular = 0
    metallic = 79
    detail% = 444

@Shadowmage is it possible to configure this parameter from the configuration file? If yes what is its variable name? 

Thank you for supporting this mod!


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Hello! I have an issue which might be just me but any metallic or reflective parts or colors (for instance gold foiled fuel tanks or Tundra Exploration Starship) are colored either really dark or entirely black. Now my pc isn't the best, but I don't know what might be causing this. I would love to know what I can do to fix this.

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