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How revive Kerbal in science mode


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So recently I was flying to Mun for a Mun base mission. but as I was landing, I forgot to start another stage and Jebediah was killed almost immediately. instead of reverting the flight I accidentally switched to the space center. I have already switched Kebediah's status from "Dead" to "Available" but that hasn't worked. MANY OF YOU WILL READ THE TITLE AND LEAVE THE COMMENT SAYING "its fine, Jebediah will respawn" HE WONT, ITS BEEN 5 DAYS NOW PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT :wink:.

Thank you :)


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Try this:

1.Open your persistent.sfs file with Notepad.

2. Find this section:

			name = Jebediah Kerman
			gender = Male
			type = Crew
			trait = Pilot
			brave = 0.5
			dumb = 0.5
			badS = True
			veteran = True
			tour = False
			state = Missing
			inactive = False
			inactiveTimeEnd = 0
			gExperienced = 0
			outDueToG = False
			ToD = 804399.44100609387
			idx = 0
			extraXP = 0
				flight = XX
				XX = Die
				flight = 11
				11 = Land,Kerbin

3. Switch the state to "Available"

4. Remove any line with "Die" under CAREER_LOG and FLIGHT_LOG

Jebediah should be back, ready to die again.

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First of all, Jeb WILL respawn, so will all the orange suits.

But if you are impatient, you can also use the debug menu to bring him back. 

And if you're in science mode why don't you just go hire a new kerbal? or just use Val as your pilot?

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