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"Gamma Ray Burst" mod?


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I have 100+ mods installed and can't find where this issue comes from.

Sometimes a message pops up saying "Gamma Ray Burst Detected" with an image of a graph and few words.  It also gives you instantly 100 science.

I want to remove this as those science are a bit like cheating to me and most of all, I suspect it conflicts with something. Today I started the game and I instantly had 3k science points avalaible. Luckily backup saves solved the issue.

Does anyone know mod is it from?

Mods list


KSP: 1.3.1 (Win64) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Windows 10  (10.0.0) 64bit
Toolbar - 1.7.15
USI Tools - 0.10.1
Animated Decouplers - 1.3.4
Astronomer's Visual Pack - 3.6.2
B9 Part Switch - 2.0
CactEye Telescopes -
Chatterer Extended - 0.6.1
Chatterer -
Community Category Kit - 2.0.2
Community Resource Pack - 0.8
CommunityTechTree - 3.2.1
Connected Living Space -
Contract Configurator - 1.23.3
Contract Pack: Clever Sats - 1.4
Contract Pack: Field Research - 1.2.1
Contract Pack: Kerbal Academy - 1.1.7
Contract Pack: Bases and Stations -
Contract Pack: RemoteTech - 2.1.4
Contract Pack: Tourism Plus - 1.5.2
Contract Reward Modifier -
Crowd Sourced Science - 4.1
CryoEngines - 0.5.9
CryoTanks - 0.4.8
CustomBarnKit - 1.1.16
Deadly Reentry - 7.6.2
DistantObjectEnhancement - 1.9.1
DMagic Orbital Science -
Contract Parser - 1.0.7
Contracts Window Plus -
Progress Parser - 1.0.8
DockingCameraKURS - 1.3.2
DynamicBatteryStorage - 1.1.1
Ferram Aerospace Research -
Firespitter - 7.6
HeatControl - 0.4.4
HullcamVDSContinued - 0.1.8
Impact -
Interstellar Fuel Switch - 2.10.1
JSIAdvTransparentPods - 0.1.15
RasterPropMonitor - 0.29.2
Kerbal Attachment System - 0.6.3
KerbalAtomics - 0.4.9
Kerbal Construction Time - 1.3.9
Kerbal Engineer Redux - 1.1.3
Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - 3.3.3
HyperEdit - 1.5.4
Kerbal Inventory System - 1.7.6468.41490
<b><color=#CA7B3C>Kopernicus</color></b> -
KSP-AVC Plugin -
LoadingScreenManager - 1.2.1
MagiCore - 1.3
Infernal Robots - 2.0.14
ModularFlightIntegrator - 1.2.4
NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE - 1.0.3
Docking Port Alignment Indicator - 6.7
NearFutureConstruction - 0.8.4
NearFutureElectrical - 0.9.7
NearFutureLaunchVehicles - 1.1.3
NearFutureProps - 0.2
NearFuturePropulsion - 0.9.5
NearFutureSolar - 0.8.7
NearFutureSpacecraft - 0.7.4
NE-Kemini -
NE-Common -
PatchManager - 0.0.11
RCS Build Aid - 0.9.3
RCS Sounds - 5.2
RealFuels - 12.4.1
RealFuels Stockalike Configs - 3.2.3
RealPlume - Stock - 1.0
Real Time Clock 2 - 1.5
RemoteTech - 1.8.9
ResearchBodies - 1.9.5
SCANsat -
SETI-Contracts - 1.3
SETI-ProbeParts -
SETI-Rebalance -
SolverEngines - 3.4
StageRecovery - 1.7.2
StationPartsExpansion - 0.5.2
StationScienceContinued - 2.3
TAC Fuel Balancer - 2.14
TarsierSpaceTechnology - 7.2
TextureReplacerReplaced - 0.5.1
Trajectories - 1.7.1
Kerbal Alarm Clock - 3.8.5
Alternate Resource Panel - 2.9.2
Transfer Window Planner - 1.6.2
TweakScale - 2.3.7
USI Exploration Pack - 0.9
Universal Storage -
Unmanned before Manned -
Unmanned before Manned - Challenge - 1.3
VenStockRevamp - 1.9.5
VesselViewerContinued - 0.8.6
KSP Interstellar Extended - 1.16.2
[x] Science! - 5.11

EDIT: solved, the mod is Kerbal Science Innovation. But I still have to find out if the 3k science issue was related to it

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it comes from Kerbal Science Innovation.  Just out of curiosity, why does it feel like cheating to you?  I always felt like the stock game was rather anemic in terms of science to collect.  You can also reduce the frequency of gamma ray bursts via the difficulty.  it doesn't give 3k science.

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2 hours ago, Fergrim said:

Just out of curiosity, why does it feel like cheating to you?  I always felt like the stock game was rather anemic in terms of science to collect.

Huh? There is enough science in the stock game just between Kerbin, The Mun, and Minmus to complete the entire tech tree. That's not even taking science labs into account which can like triple (or more) the science return on experiments.

Or do you have some other mod that uses extra science for other stuff so you need more than usual?

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For me the entirety of the community tech tree is filled in so I need more science.  But I mean in just the base game, stuck trying to use crew reports, pressure, temperature and goo.  I felt like it was a struggle, gaining 1 science at a time, trying to determine where i'd done a test and where i hadn't.  And I found the data transmission penalties to be unrealistically steep, if data was less useful on transmission..well it's very rare in real life that an experiments accuracy is affected by transmitting the data.  Perhaps in psychology and quantum mechanics.  

I found it difficult to purposefully move from biome to biome on kerbin and I found the number of tests in general to be too few, so I wasn't able to remain excited to run a test just to see the results, and I found myself wishing the results would be intellectually useful and interesting to me beyond point gain. It felt like a grind where I was walking the streets, picking up only pennies that were heads up.  It's more a grind that resulted in having to follow the same methodical steps every game rather than excitement filled discovery.

I solved that by installing every science mod so I not only don't feel like i"m struggling to gain science but I also am always excited to run a new test - magnetometers, micrometeorite studies, radioisometrics, remote scans.  Research bodies is great for this too.

The only mod I won't use is the one that automatically does science for you, that's awful.  But I've found XScience to be very useful, since it keeps track of what experiments you've run in each "biome" type.

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@Bersagliere81, so, I will explain why, how. So, there was 1 or 2 mounth, I worked with someone on a idea, and after, I was my test in the university and, him, I think, didn't want to work with me so as to finish this idea (I don't say who is this person, but he help me in the GWS so a great thanks at him) this why you have this (it was on the Gamma Ray Bust.I will fixed this as quickly as possible.


I truelly sorry.


(if someone want help to finish this idea, I dont say no).

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