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How many satellites?!?! *reboot*

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This is a simple challenge, get as many satellites into lko as possible in one launch.

2 categories:




No cheats


All satellites must have regeneratI've power source, the ability to orient itself in a specific angle, and have an external antenna.

Please say modded or unmodded, mechjeb counts as mod, but if it doesn't affect the craft itself, like a clouds mod, then it's considered not modded. 

My attempt, It all exploded in the end, but it usually works. 


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1 hour ago, Urses said:

If i hear it right there was 240 on start... i think now he monopolised the Kerbin Broadcasting :wink:

Yep, The first time I launched this vessel it worked perfectly, but this time the kraken attacked earlier than expected and destroyed a lot of them.

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Easy Challenge I Will Just Launch My Sls Replica And Have a A Little Rod And It will decouple A Ton Of Probe cores without any solar panels :)(Sls Is Modded) P.S Gonna Delete Them After Showing You Them To Not Kill My computer While It Has to Load a Iss For Adding Destiny Labs On

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